Chicago Woman Sentenced to 50 Years for Gruesome Murder: Cutting Baby from Teen's Belly
A woman from Chicago pleaded guilty to murder on Tuesday and was given a 50-year jail sentence. She is accused of inviting a pregnant teen to her house and using a butcher knife to cut the baby out of ... Watch Now.
Texas Woman Arrested And Charged for Shooting Husband Caught Cheating; Freed On Bail
Charges have been brought against a Texas woman who allegedly shot her husband after catching him with another woman. After discovering her husband cheating on her with an unnamed woman, Stephanie Arev ... Read More.
Man Who Set Himself on Fire at Trump Trial Dies: Maxwell Azzarello's Dramatic Protest
Following his quick hospitalization following the incident, police reported earlier today (20 April) that Maxwell Azzarello, 37, had now died from his injuries. ... Watch Now.
Home Depot Battles Gear Theft: Stolen Equipment Sold on Facebook Marketplace
Prosecutors claim that Home Depot’s rental division is still fighting against the theft of its heavy gear via schemes in which the perpetrators sell the pieces of equipment on Facebook Marketplace. ... Read More.
Pennsylvania Police Officer Arrested for Rape and Abuse of 13-Month-Old Child
Charges of rape and severe indecent abuse of a 13-month-old kid have led to the arrest of a Pennsylvania police officer. According to the Pennsylvania State Police Lykens Criminal Investigation Unit, O ... Watch Now.
Mayor Marty Small Sr. Accused Of Physically Abusing Teen Daughter: Confident He'll Be Reelected
Small reportedly repeatedly struck his daughter in the head with a broom during one episode, forcing her to pass out. ... Watch Now.
Kansas Women Murdered in Custody Battle Linked to "God's Misfits" Gang
Two Kansas women vanished during a child pickup, only to be found murdered in a custody battle linked to an anti-government group named “God’s Misfits.” ... Watch Now.
Texas Mother Faces Backlash for Leaving Kids Alone During Vacation; Called For Welfare Check During Cruise
Texas mother faces criticism for leaving kids behind during vacation, prompting concerns from neighbors about their safety. ... Watch Now.
Man Sentenced to 40 Years for Tragic Road Rage Shooting of 6-Year-Old Aiden Leos
A court decided on Friday that a California man who killed a six-year-old in a fit of fury on the road will serve 40 years to life in prison. A jury found 27-year-old Marcus Eriz guilty of killing Aide ... Read More.
Teacher Charged with Child Sex Trafficking: Allegedly Hired Students as Prostitutes For Her Son
Police in Houston say a teacher hired difficult students to work as prostitutes for her son and paid them for their services. The teacher has been charged with child sex trafficking and prostitution. ... Read More.
Mother's Tragic Act: Stabbing, Freeway Drama, and an Online Astrologer's Eerie Eclipse Prediction
A mother is now being accused of killing her partner in Woodland Hills before leaving her children on the freeway, and eventually crashing her car into a tree in Redondo Beach at over 100 mph. One of t ... Watch Now.
Chicago Police Officers Fire Nearly 100 Shots in 41 Seconds During Traffic Stop: Shocking Video Released
Graphic video shows Chicago police officers firing nearly 100 shots during a fatal traffic stop. Incident unfolds in 41 seconds, resulting in driver’s death and officer’s injury. Undercover operation e ... Watch Now.
Fatal Road Rage: 26-Year-Old Woman Killed in Massachusetts Incident
Tragic incident in Massachusetts: 26-year-old woman dies in a road rage encounter. Details emerge about the altercation involving Ryan Sweatt, 36, on Route 85. ... Watch Now.
Florida Woman Jailed for Stealing from President Biden's Daughter and Selling Diary to Media Group
Florida woman sentenced for stealing items from Ashley Biden, including her diary, and selling them to a right-wing media group before the 2020 election. ... Read More.
Man Goes to Extreme Lengths to Evade $100,000 in Child Support, Faces Prison Time and Hefty Fines
A man in Kentucky did everything he could to avoid paying more than $100,000 in back child support. Now he faces years in prison and fines that could be much higher than that amount. According to NBC N ... Watch Now.

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