Nicole Tsai Calls Out Elon Musk Championing China Over Taiwan
Nicole Tsai rejoined the Wayne Dupree Show and while calling out more U.S. government officials being infiltrated by China, she blasted Elon Musk for defending China’s agenda to start a war with Taiwan ... Watch Now.
Tommy Tuberville: Media Has Sat Around And Let Bidens Get Away With Everything
Sen. Tommy Tuberville joined the Wayne Dupree Show on Thursday and spoke to the guys about what’s going in the Senate, why he’s steadfast in holding the chamber accountable; called out the media for hi ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Joe Oltmann 9/6
Joe Oltmann, a prominent businessman, gained national recognition within far-right circles by asserting personal knowledge of the 2020 presidential election being rigged. The media contends he’s a frin ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Harrison Floyd 9/5
This young man is ready to tackle Congress and make a statement for the MAGA world. When many thought he might be depressed and without direction, he left the Georgia jail cell fully committed to not o ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Roy Guo via New Federal State Of China 9/5
Roy Guo from the New Federal State of China joined us today to talk about important subjects that deal with the destruction of the CCP. Topics: 1. Why Xi’s not attending G20 summit 2. New released Chi ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Col (Ret) Rob Maness
(Ret) Col Rob Maness, a 32-Year USAF Combat Vet, enlisted EOD; B-1 Sq Cdr; Wing Cdr; Nuclear Ops; 9/11 Pentagon Survivor; former US Senate Cand; and hosts The Rob Maness Show joined the Wayne Dupree Sh ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Roy Guo Of the New Federal State Of China
Roy Guo is among the bold and fearless that work with the New Federal State Of China. Their goal? To inform and educate America on the evil of Communism and how the Chinese people are being enslaved by ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Shawn Farash, Trump Impressionist
Shawn Farash should be the official impressionist voice of President Donald Trump. He has the entire bit down to a science but that’s not all he’s about. Check out this interview and share ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Tony Shaffer
📚 Former US Army Reserve Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer: Known for claims on mishandled intelligence pre-9/11 & censoring of his book Operation Dark Heart. Member of Able Danger project, joined in 1999. 🇺🇸 # ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Liz Harrington
“Liz Harrington is a fighter,” said the former president. “She played a key role in our historic success, with more votes than any incumbent President in US history. And yes, that includes our victory ... Watch Now.
PODCLIP: Trump Speaks On What It Would Take To Reunite The Country
President @realDonaldTrump speaks on what it would take to reunite the country #WayneDupreeShow #RealTalk #Podcast Follow: @WayneDupreeShow for more! Watch Full Interview: ... Watch Now.
PODCLIP: What Is Trump's Strategy To Fend Of Sabotaging Republicans If Re-elected
What is your strategy to make sure Republicans don’t slow your progress when you get re-elected? @RealDonaldTrump answers the question! #WayneDupreeShow #RealTalk #Podcast Follow: @WayneDupreeShow for ... Watch Now.
PODCLIP: Trump Speaks On Possibly Reducing The Federal Workforce
Check out what @RealDonaldTrump had to say about reducing the federal workforce #WayneDupreeShow @HBRadioGuy @JRobFromMN #RealTalk #Podcast Follow: @WayneDupreeShow for more! Watch Full Interview: ht ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Donald J. Trump | Full Interview
President Donald J. Trump joined the show to talk about his 2024 Presidential Run, the deep state, attacks from the Republican establishment, and more. Make sure to share this on your social media ... Watch Now.
CCP-Like Facial Recognition For Groceries, Credit Coming To America | Aila Wang
“The New Federal State of China, led by Miles Guo, aims to awaken America to the urgent need for decoupling from the CCP. By breaking away from this despised regime, China can embrace freedom while the ... Watch Now.

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