Chris Bish Is Running For California's 6th Congressional District
She’s campaigning to represent California’s 6th Congressional District. Winning this seat would be a momentous opportunity, as it is the very seat where the capital of California resides. With the curr ... Watch Now.
The System, Our System Is Infected By CCP Influence
Americans need to understand, worry and start developing solutions to cut the umbilical cord tied to the CCP that our government continues to connect with. They are hurting our federal government, our ... Watch Now.
America Must Decouple From The CCP
On Friday, Nicole Tsai from the New Federal State of China shed light on America’s need to decouple from the CCP. With insight and expertise, Tsai revealed the communist state’s aim to assert control o ... Watch Now.
Your Country Is Going Through What Happened To Mine By The CCP
Nicole Tsai simply stated what happened to the citizens of China and what is happening to the citizens of the United States. Make sure you check out the New ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Nicole Tsai - SEC Took 100% Of GTV's Donations And Blamed Miles Guo
Nicole brought receipts of how their New Federal State of China TV network, GTV was targeted by the SEC. All of their donations that kept the unbiased network running was taken by the Securities and Ex ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Criminal Defense Lawyer Jim Parkman Breaks Down latest Trump Verdict
Attorney Jim Parkman, Criminal Defense Attorney w/ over 40 years of high profile cases Featured on Netflix “Trial by Media” and countless publications brought his expertise to our show on Wednesdays an ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Lara Trump - They Are Trying To Fundamentally Transform America
Lara Trump joined the Wayne Dupree Podcast on Wednesday to talk about the loss of free speech and the constant attacks on Americans who speak out against a tyrannical government ... Watch Now.
He Challenged Ilhan Omar And Lost But Raised Millions And Garned Over 100K Votes
With over $18 million raised by candidates, Minnesota’s Congressional District 5 had the most financial activity leading up to the November election, despite the fact that a Lacy Johnson faced long odd ... Watch Now.
Nicole Tsai: CCP Provided Fentanyl Chemicals, Industrial Presser To Mexican Cartels
When you hear the Mexican President say his country isn’t responsible for fentanyl in the U.S., now you have some truth to thwart his lie ... Watch Now.
Based On Past History, Tucker Carlson Might Not Move To A Network
In today’s world, big time anchors and hosts that leave networks start their online podcasts where they can pick up $$ subscriptions. Is that where Tucker will go? With a network, he has to answer some ... Watch Now.
Fentanyl In the United States
Miles Guo, now imprisoned in New York with no bail, spoke about Fentanyl from China being sent to the US to destroy the country from within ... Read More.
Why Is Miles Guo Still In Jail?
Nicole Tsai joins us to bring us up to day with the imprisonment of Miles Guo, an anti-CCP voice now in jail without bail for speaking out against China and their communist takedown of our government ... Read More.
Miles Guo Continues To Be Held Prisoner By American Law Enforcement
Anti-CCP voice Miles Guo continues to be held in a NY Jail without bail because he refuses to be silent about the atrocities of the CCP. He also has been a force exposing the truth about the blueprint ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Nicole Tsai - The CCP Covertly Pits Americans Against Each Other
Nicole Tsai has been huge chunk of knowledge when it comes to understanding what and who the CCP is and their attempt to destroy the U.S. from within. Nicole’s analysis is a must-have and needed to dev ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Dan Peña - The World Has Gone Soft
If you’ve never heard of this millionaire business man, you’ve been missing out. Dan is a throwback and should be a throw-forward to what makes this country stand up and take notice of how soft it has ... Watch Now.

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