One On One With Wayne Dupree: Guest: Aila Wang
Aila Wang is a contributor with the New Federal State of China ... Watch Now.
NFSC's Roy Guo: China's Massive Cyberleak
The New Federal State of China Spokesperson, Roy Guo, discusses a significant data breach from a Chinese cybersecurity company, providing a unique insight into the operations of hackers linked to Beiji ... Watch Now.
Black Americans Want Trump Because Of Ecomonics, Not Shoes/Indictments
Shoes and indictments aren’t going to make Black Americans vote for Donald Trump. Most people on the street said they want him because he “put money in their pockets” via @WayneDupreeShow @JRobFromMN @ ... Watch Now.
Why Can't Both Sides Stop Talking About And Using Race Based Topics?
Race In America has become a huge problem as “both sides” are using identity politics when it suits them. Why can’t we just leave race and race innuendos out of the conversation? cc: @WayneDupreeShow @ ... Watch Now.
Aila Wang: Chinese Communist Party's Hands Are Deep In The U.S.
On Thursday, @NFSCSpeak rep Aila Wang joined us to talk about how the Chinese people ARE NOT the CCP and that the Communist Party is deeply infiltrated our gov’t cc: @WayneDupreeShow @HBRadioGuy @JRobF ... Watch Now.
Add The Wayne Dupree Show To Your Daily Playlists
The @WayneDupreeShow has stood the test of time & continues to provide the best grassroots broadcast shrouded in truth & honesty. We don’t deal with #TissuePaperFeeling voters too well, but we welcome ... Watch Now.
Having Your Voice Heard On The Wayne Dupree Show
👂🏽Listen to this awesome call-in 📞 from one of our viewers! She used our system to be heard and you can too! 🗣️ Call (800) 895-5725 and leave us a message! Wayne, Hutch Bailie Jr, and Jason Robertson ... Watch Now.
NFSC Spokesperson Delivers Truth About Houthi Attacks
🔊 Our brother Roy Guo @roy_guo64 of the New Federal State of China @NFSCSpeak delivers breaking news each week and we’re glad for it #FreeMilesGuo Wayne, Hutch Bailie Jr, and Jason Robertson fearlessl ... Watch Now.
Wayne Dupree Show Announces Our New Foreign Policy
Most Americans will agree with us…we need to take care of home and build it up and fix our problems before helping other countries ... Watch Now.
Roy Guo: It's Critical To Understand Chinese People Aren't CCP
Roy Guo is a New Federal State of China representative that appears on the Wayne Dupree Show each week. ... Watch Now.
We Need To Return To Everyday Americans To Serve In Congress
We need more farmers, store owners, small business owners in Congress like it was years ago. Too many lifetime opportunists that do nothing but grandstand up there now! ... Watch Now.
Sen. Cornyn Has Gone Rogue!
What the heck happened to John Cornyn? This is why the hosts of the @WayneDupreeShow aren’t in love with politicians. We exercise our rights to hold ALL LAWMAKERS ACCOUNTABLE! ... Watch Now.
Joel Gilbert: Barack Obama's Father Is Frank Marshall Davis Jr And I Got The Proof
On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of interviewing @JoelSGilbert who is an author and film director, notably, Dreams of My Real Father, an eye-opening documentary of Barack Obama and Frank Marshall Davi ... Watch Now.
Slow Down On Scott Pressler for RNC Chairman
Being head of the RNC is more than registering voters and while many online accounts emotionally chose #ScottPressler’s name, is it the legit smart pic to head a national political party? We touched on ... Watch Now.
DC Lawmakers Are Two-Faced Since Jan 6th
All this insurrection talk and appeals court shooting down Trump’s appeal had us talking today on the @WayneDupreeShow ! ... Watch Now.

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