Controversy in Beijing Half-Marathon: Chinese Athlete's Victory Revoked!!
The victory—which was widely publicized online with clips—was looked into after it was widely suspected of being rigged; local media even went so far as to say that it was a blow to the standing of Chi ... Read More.
This Traveler Dropped His GoPro Underneath A Docked Cruise Ship And What He Discovered Was Unspeakable!
Cruises are the newest thing this year, but if you look more closely at the enormous luxury ships, you will find something you wish you had not seen. The GoPro footage he took underwater and next to a ... Watch Now.
Unapologetic OnlyFans Star Sparks Controversy with Spring Break Confessions: 100+ Guys in 3 Weeks!
A star from OnlyFans is talking about the sexual things she did over spring break that caused a lot of controversy. People are talking about 24-year-old Bonnie Blue after she said she slept with over 1 ... Read More.
Deadly Gas from Rotten Potatoes Claims Lives of Russian Law Professor and Family
A lethal gas produced by rotting potatoes killed the eight-year-old girl’s father, mother, brother, and grandmother in 2014, leaving her an orphan. ... Read More.
Family Sues Wendy's for $20 Million After Child Falls Ill Post "Biggie Bag" Meal
A family filed a $20 million lawsuit against a Wendy’s in Michigan after their 11-year-old child fell critically ill following a meal there. The child had visited the Wendy’s in Jenison in August 2022 ... Watch Now.
Consumer Reports Find High Lead and Cadmium Levels in National School Lunch Program Lunchables, Calls for Action
Consumer Reports reveals high lead, cadmium, and salt levels in Lunchables meals. Advocacy group urges USDA to stop serving them in National School Lunch Program. ... Watch Now.
Samsung Overtakes Apple as Top Phone Maker with Global Smartphone Shipments Rising by 7.8%
Global smartphone shipments increased 7.8% to 289.4 million units during January-March, with Samsung, at 20.8% market share, clinching the top phonemaker spot from Apple. ... Watch Now.
Severe Weather Alert: Millions in Midwest & Southern Plains at Risk!
From Monday through Wednesday, a significant area of the Midwest and Southern Plains, including Nebraska, might see severe weather that could affect almost 50 million inhabitants of the United States. ... Read More.
President Biden's Second Shot at Student Loan Forgiveness: What You Need to Know
President Biden’s renewed efforts to forgive student loans face challenges after a Supreme Court ruling. The $400 billion plan was struck down in a 6-3 vote. ... Read More.
Meta Introduces Flagging System for AI-Generated Content: A Game-Changer for Facebook and Instagram
Meta to flag AI-generated content; The parent company of Facebook and Instagram will sniff out and label robot-created videos, photos, and audio. ... Watch Now.
Scotland's Hate Crime Law Excludes J.K. Rowling After Transgender Comments on Social Media
Scotland’s new hate crime statute will not apply to J.K. Rowling, who disputed it on social media by claiming many transsexual women were males, police said Tuesday. ... Read More.
California Fast-Food Workers to Receive $20 an Hour Under New Legislation
A new legislation will pay most California fast-food workers $20 an hour on Monday, according to the AP. Last year, Democrats in the state Legislature approved the bill to recognize that many of the mo ... Watch Now.
Victory for Compassion: Oregon Church Feeding the Homeless Prevails Against City Restrictions
A judge sided with an Oregon church that feeds the homeless. The city of Brookings sought to curb their operations after more than a decade. ... Read More.
Unveiling Secrets: Wired's Investigation Used Cell Data to Track Up To 166 Epstein Island Guests During 2016-2019
Discover how Wired uncovers a document utilizing cell data from Near Intelligence to reveal the locations of potential guests or victims worldwide and in the US. Near Intelligence maps various high-cos ... Read More.
Beware the Eclipse Effect: Increased Road Risks During Total Solar Eclipses
Researchers warn of a surprising risk tied to the total solar eclipse: an increase in car accidents. A recent study reveals a 31% rise in accidents during eclipse times, emphasizing the need for cautio ... Watch Now.

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