Schumer Claims Zelensky: "Ukraine Needs US Military Support to Beat Russia"
US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has alleged that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky informed visiting American senators that Kiev can only “beat Russia” with military backing from Washington ... Read More.
Illinois Judge Removed from Office for Unlawful Actions and Controversial Ruling on Rape Conviction
A judicial monitoring board discovered that an Illinois judge had broken the law and acted improperly, leading to his removal from office. The judge had caused controversy when he overturned a man’s ra ... Read More.
Pentagon Inspector General Launches 50+ Probes into Military Supplies Scandal Involving Ukraine
As of this week, the inspector general of the Pentagon has started over 50 probes over the purported “theft, fraud or corruption, and diversion” of military supplies to Ukraine. Soon after help started ... Read More.
NRA Leaders Found Guilty of Misusing Millions: Wayne LaPierre Held Liable in New York Case
Wayne LaPierre, former CEO of the NRA, and others found guilty of embezzling millions from the organization for personal gain. Jury holds NRA leaders accountable in extravagant spending case. ... Read More.
Florida Legislature Demands Release of Jeffrey Epstein Grand Jury Transcripts
The Legislature approved a measure overwhelmingly directing the governor of Florida to produce the transcripts of a grand jury that looked into Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual assaults on minor girls in 2006. ... Read More.
Survey Says: Majority of Poll Voters Believe Biden is Too Old for Re-election
Quinnipiac University survey: Majority think Biden is too old for another term but still prefer him over Trump. Biden leads Trump 49% to 45% in recent head-to-head poll. ... Read More.
Johnson's God Speech Ruffles Republican Feathers: 'Not Preaching at Church'; Speaker's Religious Rally Falls Flat
Discover insights from a GOP retreat led by the Speaker of the House focusing on maintaining and expanding the majority in the chamber. Politico notes a distinct religious tone in Mike Johnson’s addres ... Read More.
Legal Twist in Trump's Indictment: Former President's Team Denied Consolidated Brief by Federal Judge
Former president’s legal team files consolidated brief for pretrial motions, denied by federal judge overseeing Trump’s indictment for retaining classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. Each motion now requ ... Read More.
President Biden's Campaign Carrot: 153K Student Debts Canceled! Check Your Email Now!
Make sure to check your email! About 153,000 individuals received texts from President Biden on Wednesday informing them that their student debts had been canceled. ... Read More.
FBI Informant Charged with Spreading Falsehoods about Hunter Biden Links to Russian Intelligence | Report
Man charged with providing false information about Hunter Biden and President Biden’s business dealings reveals connections to “people associated with Russian intelligence.” ... Watch Now.
New York AG Ready to Seize Trump's Assets if $355M Judgment Goes Unpaid
New York Attorney General Letitia James is prepared to seize assets from former President Trump if he fails to pay a $355 million civil business fraud trial judgment. ... Read More.
Supreme Court Declines Appeals Tied to Trump Attorneys in 2020
In 2020, the Supreme Court declined to consider two appeals that attempted to lift the penalties placed on attorneys associated with the late President Donald Trump. ... Read More.
Chance of Impeachment Vote Against President Biden Slim, Says House Oversight Chair
James Comer (R-KY), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said in a recent interview that there is a chance an impeachment vote against President Joe Biden will not come from his investigation ... Watch Now.
Americans' Shifting Views: Trump's Success vs. Biden's Struggles
Many Americans view Trump’s presidency as a success, challenging the narrative pushed by Democrats and the media. ... Read More.
Democrat Tlaib Urges Dearborn Voters to Choose "Uncommitted" Over Biden: A Stand for Palestinian-Americans
A Democratic opponent of the Biden administration’s and Israel’s war in Gaza, she wants voters in her state to make a statement during the presidential primaries. ... Read More.

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