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The Political Establishment v. President Donald Trump
Let’s not get it twisted. The political establishment doesn’t want President Trump to run for the Oval Office ever again, hence 34 counts, a mug shot and fingerprints will follow. If they can make him ... Watch Now.
ICJ has ordered Washington to pay compensation to Iranian individuals and firms
The International Court of Justice also found the US freeze of Iranian assets illegal and ordered Washington to remove sanctions impediments. Support independent news and opinion. Visit, bookmark and ... Watch Now.
GOP Rep: You're Supposed To Be A Professor
Talk about a Mic drop. Smug guy claiming that he’s an “Expert” in literally anything remotely mentioned also saying he’s from Stanford and totally acting like “nothing to see here” Support independent ... Watch Now.
Dem Witness Answer About Biden Admin Working With Twitter SHOCKS Republican
This is the scariest thing about these people. They genuinely believe their tactics are justified. Support independent news and opinion. Visit, bookmark and share! ... Watch Now.
California Police Union Exec Charged With Attempt To Import, Sell Fentanyl | Report
The San Jose police union’s longtime executive director has been charged with attempting to import illegal synthetic opioid drugs from overseas in a scheme to distribute them in the U.S., federal prose ... Watch Now.
Dem Wants To Challenge Witness, Jim Jordan Won't Allow It
Now he wants to be able to cross-examine witnesses? I don’t recall that being a thing with the January 6 Select Committee. Support independent news and opinion. Visit, bookmark and share http://wayneD ... Watch Now.
Protesters rally for gun reform at Tennessee state capitol after Nashville shooting
Demonstrators can be seen trying to enter the building on video, but police are able to keep them out. Officers take one suspect into custody and take him away. ... Watch Now.
Disney New Board Appointed By DeSantis Claims Company Pulled A Fast One
Disney may still fight Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Disney’s special taxing district’s new board, appointed by the Republican governor, said Wednesday it is mulling legal action over a multi-decade pact ... Watch Now.
Disney's power play: DeSantis' board stripped of power until 2053
Board members appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to oversee Walt Disney World’s governance claimed on Wednesday that the previous board, which was under the influence of Disney, pulled a fast o ... Watch Now.
Congressmen Almost Come To Blows Over Gun Control
As freshman New York Democratic Congressman Jamaal Bowman announces to onlookers that Republicans are “gutless” and “cowards” for their failure to act after the latest, not last, mass murder at a schoo ... Watch Now.
Reedy Creek board made agreement weeks before DeSantis’ dissolution to keep Disney in control, ...
A meeting Wednesday morning of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board — held to determine how best to move forward from the board’s past life overseeing the former Reedy Creek Improvement ... Watch Now.
Ghana Not Happy With Kamala Harris' Take On LGBTQ Matters
Their actions shouldn’t be overlooked. Undemocratic, that! Describe democracy. that I would have to follow someone else’s rules on what is good and bad? Unheard of!” In a meeting with lawmakers on Tues ... Watch Now.
Does Ron DeSantis Really Need To Be Told What To Do?
Fox News’ Jesse Waters pleaded with Ron DeSantis to fight back against Donald Trump. Our question is, “does the FL Governor need coaxing by Fox News or its hosts to fight back when politically attacked ... Watch Now.
Many Are Waking Up To The U.S. Government
Our media has mentioned there is an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin by the ICC but to hear other countries talk about it, they won’t enforce because they feel the U.N., The U.K., and the U.S. have do ... Watch Now.
Have You Heard About The BRICS System?
It’s a shame that other podcasts and influencers are being distracted about smaller issues and not warning you about the coming BRICS association, the countries involved and what will happen to their m ... Watch Now.

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