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Beware the Lawfare Backfire: How Attempts to Silence Trump Could Strengthen His Base
Lawfare strategy risks backlash as attempts to silence political figures may galvanize support instead of deterring it. ... Read More.
Shaking Up Washington: Would 'Drain the Swamp' Acts Secure Trump's Second Term?
If the House steps up now, the Drain the Swamp Acts could shake things up big time! This could set the stage for President Donald Trump’s second term with the kind of impact he needs. One downside is t ... Read More.
Tax Day Drama: Trump's 34-count Felony Trial Begins Alongside Banana Republic Allegations
The 2017 payments fall outside the five-year felony window, but state judge Juan Merchan ruled that Mr. Bragg gets an extra year of leeway due to COVID-19 orders pausing legal cases. Look, in a legal s ... Read More.
Why Isn't The Biden Admin Backing Independent Review Of Israel's World Central Kitchen Attack?
The Biden administration is not supporting calls for a separate, impartial review into the Israeli attack that killed seven aid workers from the World Central Kitchen. This is in contrast to what the h ... Read More.
US Warned Russia of Terror Threat at Crocus City Music Hall, Russian Foreign Ministry Denies Claims
The Washington Post said that the US told Russia two weeks before the tragedy that terrorists could attack the Crocus City music hall. Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, sai ... Read More.
Let's Agree: Democrats' 'Operation Applesauce' Failed to Impress on Global Stage
The U.S. alliance structure remained intact during Mr. Trump’s first term, contrary to beliefs. The Trump administration strengthened ties with Indo-Pacific, Central and Eastern European, and Mideast c ... Read More.
Google's Impact on 41 U.S. Elections Revealed: A Decade-Long Influence; Should We Be Worried In 2024
Google intervened in 41 American elections over 16 years, according to a new analysis. The March 18th Media Research Center Special Report connected Google’s electoral intervention operations to the 20 ... Read More.
If Our Government Trusted Us With The Truth, There Wouldn't Be Room For Conspiracy Theories!
In recent years, the internet, especially on X (previously Twitter), has been inundated with odd and imaginative conspiracies emanating from all ends of the political spectrum. This is in contrast to t ... Read More.
Hypocritical Left Continues to Demean and Persecute Donald Trump Despite Claiming Christian Values
Last week, individuals leaning left donned their pro-Christianity stance and scrutinized former President Donald Trump for endorsing a sentiment that was once universally upheld. Trump lent his support ... Read More.
Biden's UN Cease Fire Resolution: A Middle East Policy Puzzle Based On Michigan Voter?
While enjoying an ice cream cone on Seth Meyers’ TV show, President Biden expressed his hope for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas within a week. However, the outcome didn’t favor the Israeli govern ... Read More.
The U.S. Government's Analysis To The Moscow Terror Attack And Quick Defense Of Ukraine Has Americans Scratching Their Heads In Confusion
The evolving conflict in Ukraine is seen as a strategic move by the US-led West against Russia. Kremlin’s acknowledgment of the escalation to a full-fledged conflict due to Western involvement raises q ... Read More.
Unintended or Intended Consequences: Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of 2021 Failed The American People
The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of 2021 seems to be making waves in how America approaches construction, yet it’s not quite meeting the expectations of its backers. Few major projects have wrapped up ... Read More.
Trump and Supporters Seemingly Are Winning The Battle Against Censorship and Misinformation
Former President Trump and his supporters are successfully countering efforts to censor conservative and MAGA-related information post-Capitol riot. Initiatives are seen as a move to silence conservati ... Read More.
Trump Leads Biden in Polls but Trails on the Ground: Campaign Strategies Revealed
Former President Trump leads in polls in key battleground states against President Biden, but lags behind on the ground. Trump’s campaign is launching a $30M advertising push and expanding hiring effor ... Read More.
Fani Willis Has Turned Out To Be The Best Case Scenario For Donald Trump's GA Case
Donald Trump is fortunate to have Fani Willis as his prosecutor and as his defense attorney. In an attempt to undermine her own case, the district attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, escaped a court i ... Read More.

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