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Stay in Your Lane or Go Broke: Conservative Movement's Message to Corporations
The phrase “Go Woke, Go Broke” has gained traction in recent times and is proving particularly relevant now. Companies that promote the Left’s pride propaganda are witnessing significant drops in reven ... Read More.
Just How Rogue Is The FBI? Director Ignores House Oversight Committee Subpoena
After missing yet another date set forth in the subpoena, FBI Director Christopher Wray is now being charged with contempt for his refusal to turn over a document purportedly outlining a “criminal sche ... Read More.
The Trump Train: Why Donald Trump Will Be the 2024 GOP Nominee
Trump has unwavering support. DeSantis and the rest of the field don’t stack up to be an equal match. Trump will thus be the nominee. DeSantis has been careful in his criticism of Trump, and to his cre ... Read More.
Why Ron DeSantis' Presidential Bid is Not a Threat to Donald Trump's Reelection Chances
Ron DeSantis is essentially a Trump offspring; their policy differences are negligible. His slogan, “Lead Our Great American Comeback,” is a weak imitation of “Make America Great Again.” Donald Trump i ... Read More.
Why I Grilled Hamburgers Instead of Listening to Mr. DeSantis's Campaign Cheerleaders
I want to preface this by saying I have nothing personal against Mr. DeSantis. In fact, I genuinely believed he had the potential one day to make a great President. However, during a recent chat in whi ... Read More.
After Armed Forces Social Experiment; Milley Wants Strong Military For Possible War With China
Gen. Milley advised Washington to exercise caution so as not to forge a military alliance between China and Russia. “War and strife are the problem. Therefore, we want to prevent Russia and China from ... Read More.
It's Shameful How The Media And Dems Have Punted On The Extensive Notes Of The Bank Mass Shooter
A week before the incident, Sturgeon lawfully acquired his pistol and passed all required background checks. While he had been dealing with melancholy, according to his family, they did not think he wa ... Read More.
Illegal Chinese Police Stations Can Only Happen Under A Biden Administration
Both U.S. citizens Lu Jianwang and Chen Jinping were detained and charged with planning to work as agents of China by the Department of Justice. The two are specifically charged with establishing a “un ... Read More.
With A 7-2 SCOTUS Decision To Keep Abortion Pill On The Market, Did We Miss Something?
The mifepristone lawsuit has national repercussions since a decision in favor of the FDA will restrict access to abortion in states that have continued to safeguard the practice after Dobbs. The aborti ... Read More.
Sure Gov't Leaks Are A Problem, But Lying To Americans And Putting Our Military In Harm's Way Is Another
As other presidents have done, it’s possible that President Biden is lying about our involvement in the Ukraine conflict. Certain intelligence leaks do indicate that the battle in Ukraine isn’t progres ... Read More.
VIP: Spying On Allies Is One Thing; Getting Caught Is A Brand New Ball Game
One of the most devastating revelations disclosed numerous specifics regarding US military assistance in Ukraine, including the precise deployment of troops, supply requirements, and other facts pertai ... Read More.
Why Did It Take 20 Years To Repeal Iraq War Authorizations From The Executive Branch
The House will now consider the proposal, and members on both sides of the aisle are willing to act. The lower chamber voted to remove the 2002 authorisation in 2021 when Democrats were in control of t ... Read More.
Let's Be Honest! The U.S. Military Is Not Ready For A Major Conflict
The American military’s foundational elements, however, are absent. The U.S. cannot support a major-power war logistically, which is the most obvious weakness. The military cargo fleet is built to hand ... Read More.
Today's School Is The Battleground For The Next Generation
Nothing prevents the teacher from praising various government initiatives. One government program that continually includes greater government at all levels is welfare. We are accustomed to that and ev ... Read More.
Whether Trump Is Indicted Or Not, Manhattan DA Must Be Brought Before Congress
The organization continued, “As a threshold matter, whether your office is, in fact, faithfully implementing the law or abusing prosecutorial discretion to engage in a politically motivated prosecution ... Read More.

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