Nervous Dems Worry About Trump Visit To UAW Frontlines
The state’s political pollster suggests that a particular move that includes Donald Trump speaking with members of the United Auto Workers will deeply trouble Democrats, carrying significant political ... Watch Now.
Are You For Or Against A Government Shutdown?
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy warns against party’s failure to support a government spending bill, highlighting the negative consequences of a government shutdown. During an interview on Fox News, McCar ... Watch Now.
New Poll: Americans Question Biden's Health and Favor Trump in Physical Fitness for Presidency
A recent CBS poll reveals that 72% of Americans doubt President Joe Biden’s physical health for another four-year term. The poll also shows him slightly behind former President Donald Trump in a head-t ... Watch Now.
Special Guest: Sen. Tommy Tuberville
Sen: Tuberville: My holds are not affecting national security, no matter what national pundits are saying. @SecAFOfficial, @SECNAV, and @SecArmy would rather attack me in a newspaper than have an actua ... Watch Now.
I Thought We Didn't Negotiate With Terrorists
First, it was billions on a palette sent to Iran when Americans were sleep. That was under Barrack Obama. Now, President Joe Biden approved giving Iran another $6 billion in a secret nuclear deal, supp ... Watch Now.
California Fast Food Workers To Be Paid $20/Hour Next Year
Under a newly announced agreement between labor unions and the fast food industry, most California fast food workers would see a substantial $5 per hour raise, setting the minimum wage at $20 starting ... Watch Now.
New Mexico Gov Suspends Public Carry of Firearms Amid Surge in Gun Violence
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has issued an emergency order suspending the right to carry firearms in public in Albuquerque and the surrounding county for 30 days due to a surge in gun violenc ... Watch Now.
How Long Can McCarthy Dance Around Biden Potential Impeachment
Certain conservative members of the House are cautiously observing Speaker Kevin McCarthy as he intensifies his rhetoric regarding a possible impeachment inquiry of President Biden. They are concerned ... Watch Now.
Patriot Harrison Floyd Says He's Exploring A Run For Congress!
With a track record of overseeing assets exceeding $12 million and leading diverse teams, Harrison possesses exceptional entrepreneurial acumen. His expertise extends to legislative affairs, public pol ... Watch Now.
Labor Day 2023 - Best Of WDShow
We hope that everyone is having an awesome and safe holiday. We will be back on Tuesday, September 5th but before that, we want to give you our best show of the year to this point - The Donald Trump In ... Watch Now.
Mitch McConnell Needs To Retire Now; Health Seems To Be Getting Worse
During a press conference on Wednesday, Senator Mitch McConnell experienced a prolonged pause lasting approximately 30 seconds. This incident marked the second occurrence this summer. Subsequently, man ... Watch Now.
Trump 2.0 Is the Political Establishment's Worst Nightmare
The political establishment is apprehensive about the prospect of Donald Trump securing another term in 2024. The American people have witnessed both Trump’s and Biden’s visions for America. While Bide ... Watch Now.
While Other Countries Protest Their Gov't; America Has Been Relatively Quiet
Remember when America used to be the benchmark for protesting their government when it seemed to overreach against our rights? Well, nowadays, the American voter expresses their dissatisfaction with th ... Watch Now.
Donald J. Trump Returns To The Wayne Dupree Show
Wayne Dupree has interviewed Pres. Trump five times before visiting the White House in 2020 to speak with the Commander In Chief. The last time Trump was on the podcast, was the month before he came do ... Watch Now.
If You Watched The GOP Debate, What Did You Think?
Taking center stage and driving the most intense exchanges in the initial segment of the debate was Vivek Ramaswamy, a 38-year-old newcomer in politics and a technology entrepreneur. Despite trailing b ... Watch Now.

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