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Morning Joe Crew Befuddled And Confused After Removed From Air By Network
On Sunday evening, Morning Joe made an announcement via social media that its broadcast would be replaced by a continuous breaking news segment across all NBC News platforms. This decision came in the ... Watch Now.
ABC News Exposed: Shocking Bias in Coverage of Trump Incident!
The bias shown by Martha Raddatz and ABC News on “This Week” was truly astounding. Despite a serious incident involving the former president, Donald Trump, where an assassination attempt was made, ABC ... Watch Now.
Los Angeles Dems, Local Leaders Condemn Violence Following Attempted Assassination on Trump
Los Angeles Democrats and local leaders condemned the violence after an attempted assassination on former President Donald Trump at his political rally in Pennsylvania. ... Watch Now.
President Biden Mistakenly Calls Ukrainian President Zelensky Putin During NATO Summit
During a NATO summit in Washington, President Joe Biden mistakenly referred to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as Russian President Vladimir Putin, the aggressor threatening Ukraine’s sovereignt ... Watch Now.
AOC files impeachment articles against Supreme Court justices
New York Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has introduced impreachment articles against Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito for failing to disclose millions of dollars of gifts while on ... Watch Now.
Arizona Rancher George Alan Kelly Spared Retrial as Jury Deadlocks: Mistrial Declared
Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly will not face a retrial after a jury could not reach a verdict and a judge declared the case a mistrial. ... Watch Now.
Ex-boyfriend suspected of assault: Unraveling the truth for Johansen's justice.
Authorities suspect that the ex-boyfriend assaulted Johansen in a fit of rage, driven by unresolved issues and their history of domestic violence. The police are actively collecting crucial evidence to ... Watch Now.
Meghan And Harry: Grass Not Greener On this Side Of The Fence
Embarking on a new journey away from the royal household, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry anticipated a fresh start filled with opportunities. Initially, the freedom from royal obligations seemed like a ... Watch Now.
Biden's "Brief Check": White House Confirms President's Good Health
A White House official adds that Biden was seen by his doctor for a “brief check,” not a physical - and that his health was fine. – ... Watch Now.
Calls for President Biden to Step Down Amid Debate Performance Concerns
In response to rising demands from party members for President Joe Biden to resign, Representative Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) insisted that Democrats be “united” behind him. Due to Joe Biden’s dismal perf ... Watch Now.
Tennessee Judge Blocks Release of Audrey Hale's Writings Amid Copyright Dispute
Tennessee Judge Myles ruled that Audrey Hale’s writings cannot be released due to copyright claims by parents she allowed to intervene in the lawsuit. ... Watch Now.
President Biden's Post-Debate Drama: A Democratic Rift Unfolds
After his CNN debate performance, President Joe Biden retaliated against a fellow Democrat who was enlisting legislators to oppose his reelection. The president asserted in an interview with ABC News ... Watch Now.
Concerns Raised Over President Biden's Mental Sharpness: What's the Reality?
ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos pressed President Joe Biden about his physical and mental acuity on Friday following a New York Times report. Sources described as “very close” to the president ha ... Watch Now.
McConnell on Trump Immunity Ruling: Former President Is Still "Liable"
McConnell highlights that despite the recent Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity, Trump remains accountable for his actions in and out of office. The legal system allows for accountability, w ... Watch Now.
Dad's Trader Joe's Receipt Reveals Shocking Cost of Feeding Six Kids!
A dad has shared a Trader Joe’s receipt showing the jaw-dropping cost of feeding six kids, and it’s certainly got people talking. Amid the continuing cost of living crisis, some have upped sticks for l ... Watch Now.

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