Resignation of "Never Back Down" SuperPAC Chairman Amidst Internal Discord After CEO Leaves
The “Never Back Down” SuperPAC chairman for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has resigned following many weeks of rumors of internal discord inside the group. Since they shared a room during the governor’ ... Read More.
Nikki Haley's 2024 Campaign Endorsed by Americans for Prosperity Action, Led by Billionaire Charles Koch
Nikki Haley’s 2024 Republican presidential campaign received an endorsement from Americans for Prosperity Action, a campaign group led by billionaire Charles Koch. ... Read More.
CEO of Super PAC Affiliated with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Resigns - a Potential Setback for Allies
On Wednesday, Chris Jankowski, the chief executive of the super PAC Never Back Down, which is affiliated with Florida Governor’s Ron DeSantis, announced his resignation. This development poses another ... Read More.
Court Allows Ballots Without Dates to Be Counted in Pennsylvania | Report
A federal court in western Pennsylvania decided on Tuesday that voters who mail in their ballots and forget to write the date or write the incorrect date on the return envelopes will have their votes t ... Read More.
Chris Christie Meets Donor Requirement for Fourth GOP Debate, But Poll Numbers Still in Question
Presidential candidate Chris Christie has announced that he has fulfilled the donor requirement threshold necessary to qualify for the fourth GOP debate. However, there is ongoing discussion and uncert ... Read More.
Trump to Testify: Could Pivotal Moment in NY Civil Case Impact Presidential Ambitions
On Monday, Former President Donald Trump is set to provide testimony in the ongoing New York civil case involving his family business. This pivotal moment in the trial marks a significant turning point ... Read More.
Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy faces challenges, sees decline in momentum: analysis
Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has encountered a series of challenges in recent weeks, causing a decline in his momentum. To be honest and quick with the analylsis, Ramaswamy’s popul ... Read More.
Battle for Second Place in Iowa Intensifies: Ron DeSantis vs. Nikki Haley
In the upcoming Republican presidential nominating contest in 2024, the state of Iowa is set to witness a tight race for second place. While former President Donald Trump is favored to win, opponents h ... Read More.
Bold Proposal: California Rep. Barbara Lee Pushes for Six-Figure Income for Minimum-Wage Workers
California Rep. Barbara Lee, a Democratic Senate candidate, has proposed that minimum-wage workers in the United States receive a six-figure income. Lee’s suggestion aims to showcase the differences be ... Read More.
Political Strategist Laphonza Butler To Hold Late Senator Feinstein Seat Until Election
Gov. Gavin Newsom has chosen political strategist Laphonza Butler to replace late Senator Dianne Feinstein, reports. Butler, a labor leader and president of EMILY’s List (the -self-described “nation’s ... Read More.
Newt Gingrich Predicts Trump's Victory in 2024 GOP Primary and Dim Outlook for Third Republican Debate
According to Newt Gingrich, a Fox News contributor and former House Speaker, he has declared that former President Donald Trump will emerge as the winner of the 2024 Republican primary. Additionally, G ... Read More.
Republican Debate Viewership Dips: Second Event Draws Only 9.5 Million Audience
The viewership for the recent debate was lower compared to the previous one in August, where 12.8 million people tuned in. This August debate was significant as it provided an opportunity for many Amer ... Read More.
Biden vs. Green Party: The Battle for the General Election Heats Up with Cornel West
Cornel West, a university professor and dedicated socialist activist, is running as a candidate for the Green Party in the upcoming 2024 election. With the goal of securing ballot access in almost ever ... Read More.
Paul Ryan's Concerns: Republican Party's Fate, Potential Shutdown, and Frustration with Trump's Followers
Former House Speaker Paul Ryan has expressed concerns about the Republican party’s chances in the upcoming presidential election. If Donald Trump becomes the nominee, Ryan believes the party may face d ... Read More.
Florida Governor's Bold Promise: $2 Gas Prices if Elected President, but Experts Skeptical
In a recent announcement, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a bold promise to reduce gas prices to $2 per gallon if he is elected as the President of the United States in the upcoming year. However, e ... Read More.

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