Biden Campaign Rejects Trump's Push for Extra Debates - The Showdown Continues!
The Biden campaign declines extra debates with Trump, sticking to two agreed ones. Trump pushes for a third debate, but the debate about debates is settled. ... Read More.
Controversy Ahead: Jake Tapper's Role in Moderating Presidential Debate Under Scrutiny
Jake Tapper and Dana Bash to moderate first Biden-Trump debate. Tapper’s past criticisms of Trump raise concerns about neutrality. ... Read More.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Nears CNN's Debate Threshold with 16% Support
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. falls just short of meeting CNN’s qualifications for the June 27 presidential debate according to Real Clear Politics surveys. ... Read More.
Presidential Candidate Claims Trump and Biden Feared Him: Conspiracy to Avoid Debate Defeat
Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims Trump and Biden conspired to exclude him from debates, fearing his potential to defeat them in a face-off. ... Read More.
Biden Campaign: Kamala Harris to Face Off Against Trump's VP Pick in CBS Debate This Summer
The Biden campaign reveals Kamala Harris’ acceptance to debate Trump’s VP pick this summer on CBS News. Political showdown ahead! ... Read More.
Supreme Court Allows Louisiana's Unique Election Plan for 2024 with Mostly Black District
The Supreme Court allows Louisiana to proceed with 2024 congressional elections under a revised plan, including a mostly Black second district, despite lower court ruling on racial gerrymandering. ... Read More.
RFK Jr. Bumped From Presidential Debates; Told to Take Conspiracy Theories Elsewhere
US President Joe Biden challenges Donald Trump to two debates ahead of presidential elections. Biden dismisses Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s conspiracy theories, prompting RFK to seek another platform. ... Read More.
Biden and Trump Set for Two Showdowns: Debate Schedule Revealed!
United States President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump set to face off in two debates - June 27 and September 10. First debate in CNN’s Atlanta studios without an audience. Second debate h ... Read More.
Trump Teases Surprise at Sunday Event, Praises North Dakota Governor as Possible VP Pick
Former President Donald Trump teases upcoming plans at New Jersey event, praises North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum as a potential GOP VP candidate. ... Watch Now.
Republicans Eyeing Senate Comeback: Jewish Voters' Shift to GOP Could Be Game-Changer
Republicans eyeing Senate control in November see potential advantage in Jewish voters shifting allegiance from Democrats to GOP. Data since 1912 shows notable change, with Trump garnering 26% in 2016, ... Read More.
Jonathan Lovitz Slams Democrats Over Israel Stance and Anti-Semitism Bill
Actor Jonathan Lovitz criticizes Democrats for their stance on Israel and handling of rising racism in the U.S., highlighting their vote against a law targeting antisemitism. ... Watch Now.
Democrats Target Latino and POC Votes with $35 Million Campaign for 2024 House Control
Democrats aim to secure the U.S. House by investing millions in a campaign targeting Latino and “people of color” votes for the 2024 election. ... Read More.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Sue US Government Over TikTok Ban Deadline
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to sue US government over TikTok ban threat. President Biden signs law giving ByteDance 270 days to exit platform. ... Read More.
NBC Releases Poll: Drop in Voter Interest For 2024 Presidential Race Is Lowest Engagement in 20 Years
According to recent results from a nationwide NBC News survey, registered voters’ interest for the 2024 presidential race has dropped to a level not seen in over 20 years. In contrast to past years, ju ... Read More.
RFK Jr. Reacts to Family Backing Biden: 'Love my Family Either Way,' Says Presidential Candidate
According to the AP, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recognized on Sunday that over twelve of his relatives had endorsed Democratic President Biden, but he expressed no resentment over the ... Read More.

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