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YouTube Reverses Policy and Allows Content Denying 2020 Election Validity - What You Need to Know
On Friday, YouTube announced that they will be changing their policy in regards to videos that spread false information about election fraud, including the 2020 presidential election. The shift in poli ... Read More.
Trump Slams Fox for DeSantis Coverage on Truth Social: What's Really Going On?
In an interview with Trump in Iowa, Sean Hannity urged Trump “just tone it down a hair, stop a little of the name calling,” which drew boos from the crowd. Both the January 6th committee and the Domini ... Read More.
Trump Sends Best Wishes to Biden After Air Force Academy Trip-up
Read about the recent incident where President Joe Biden stumbled at U.S. Air Force Academy graduation and received best wishes from Donald Trump. ... Read More.
Fox host predicts Trump could beat DeSantis in potential match-up; Negativity is a Strategic Weapon
Jesse Watters added, “I have to applaud Ron DeSantis’ restraint for not counterpunching for six months. He is at last counterpunching, and they are powerful. Although I admire the counterarguments, Don ... Read More.
Former President Trump Has Change of Heart Regarding the Term "Woke"
Whilst on a campaign trail in Iowa, former President Donald Trump, known for his disdain of “woke” culture and frequent complaints about it, voiced a change of heart when he admitted to no longer likin ... Read More.
California GOP Primary Voters Favor Trump Over DeSantis for 2024, New Poll Shows
As per a recently published survey report, it has been revealed that former President Trump has regained his position as the leading choice among the prospective Republican voters for the 2024 primarie ... Read More.
Trump Comes to Defense of Impeached Texas AG, Blasts Governor Abbott on Truth Social
Former President Donald Trump is offering his support to the recently impeached Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton. Meanwhile, he’s questioning why the state’s governor, Greg Abbott (R), isn’t taking a ... Read More.
DeSantis Tells Conservative Host If Elected, He Would Ask Congress To Repeal Donald Trump's Justice Reform
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pledges to repeal the First Step Act, a US criminal justice reform law. The move comes two years after the act was introduced, with Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner ... Read More.
Polling at 0.06%, GOP Candidate Elder Says Even If Trump Walked On Water, Suburban Women Wouldn't Vote For Him
Larry Elder, a potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate, has said that swing voters, particularly suburban women, would not support the former President, even “if he walked on water.” Elder, a ... Read More.
Donald Trump Returns to Town Hall with Fox News Sean Hannity With One Condition - It's Being Pre-Recorded
Former President Donald Trump is set to appear on Sean Hannity’s town hall for the second time during the 2024 presidential campaign season. The pre-recorded show will air on June 1st and will have add ... Read More.
Trump Takes on DeSantis in Latest Attack - Accuses Him of Mishandling COVID-19
Trump attacks DeSantis on COVID-19 handling in video statement, comparing him unfavorably to fellow Republican governors. The video emerged a day after DeSantis declared he’s running for the 2024 presi ... Read More.
Trump Leads Early 2024 GOP Primary Polls, While Voters Have Mixed Feelings for Biden | Quinnipiac
A new Quinnipiac survey reports that Donald Trump might be the leading candidate in the 2024 Republican primary election followed by second thoughts by some voters on the incumbent President Biden. Thi ... Read More.
Former President Trump's New York Trial Set to Spark Media Frenzy During 2024 Republican Primaries
The trial of former President Donald Trump is set for March 25, 2024, in a New York court amidst the Republican primary season, promising a media frenzy. Judge Juan Merchan addressed rules concerning T ... Read More.
Trump Team Responds To Remaining Sunshine State Lawmakers Mass Endorsement Of DeSantis
Former President Donald Trump appears unhappy about the endorsement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by Sunshine State lawmakers, despite the latter’s growing popularity and political alignment with Tr ... Read More.
Another Payday? E. Jean Carroll Lawyer Team Floating Another Lawsuit Against Donald Trump
The remainder of Donald Trump’s reaction drew laughter and applause from the live audience, according to the Associated Press. Trump “dismissed a question from CNN’s Kaitlin Collins about if it would h ... Read More.

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