Attacking The Lighting Of The City’s Christmas Tree Is Not Only Evil, It’s Demonic!

Last week, Philadelphia celebrated its annual tree lighting event to usher in the holiday season. The night was anything but silent as hundreds of people joyously gathered to witness the city light up its Christmas tree, even if the bells were jingling and the halls were decorated. Almost all of the elements of a tree-lighting ritual were present at the occasion, with the exception of one crucial element: naming the tree a Christmas tree. Officials from the city of Philadelphia eventually settled on dubbing it a “Christmas tree.”

The event was referred to as the “City of Philadelphia Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration” on the city website. The “Christmas tree” was another name for the event that was used on the city’s social media accounts to advertise it. It’s a ridiculous left-wing political attack on a non-political topic. It demonstrates how the Left feels about Christmas. It is a “Christmas tree,” not a “holiday tree,” despite these clumsy brainwashing attempts, which everyone is aware of.


It’s difficult to put into words how ludicrous this is. The entire ceremony was a Christmas celebration. There were numerous Christmas decorations and lights. Christmas carols were sung by a Ukrainian children’s choir and other performers. Even Santa and Mrs. Claus were present, and everyone in the audience was decked out for the holidays. The city the tree was from was the only thing that wasn’t Christmas. It refused to call the event what it was, which was a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

But the conflict in Philadelphia over Christmas is nothing new. The city has a history of attempting to get rid of the name “Christmas” from its yearly festivities. Think of the debate over the name of its cherished “Christmas Village.” This annual custom is situated around 100 yards to the west of the “holiday tree” and is designed to look like a traditional German Christmas market. In 2010, Philadelphia Democrats had a cult-like preoccupation with wanting to remove the name “Christmas” off the village to make it “more inclusive.” Despite being deeply ingrained in the city’s culture today.

As a result, the name “Christmas Village” was momentarily changed to “Holiday Village” by the city. The city changed its mind and started referring to it as the “Christmas Village” again after receiving tremendous criticism and mockery on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. However, all of these attempts to stifle Christmas beg the question of why Philadelphia Democrats go to such tremendous efforts to do so.


Because of some mistaken attempt to foster some odd, unsettling feeling of diversity supposedly, none of the country’s other major cities, even those with Democratic administrations, appear to be so insane as to remove the name Christmas from their tree lighting rituals. Philadelphia has exceeded expectations.

The event is known as a Christmas tree lighting in New York City. Washington, D.C., the capital of the country, also does. Chicago, another Democratic stronghold, likewise seems to refer to it as a Christmas tree lighting.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the city says it does this to support variety, it is inconsistent with this approach when it comes to other December holiday customs. Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, a made-up holiday founded by a radical left-wing professor from Philadelphia, strangely, both have annual celebrations in Philadelphia. However, neither the city nor any of its Kwanzaa celebrations should refer to their menorah lighting ceremonies as the “holiday menorah” or begin with the word “holiday.” However, the city refuses to accept it as a Christmas tree on the Christian holiday. It typifies everything ridiculous about modern left-wing, liberal, and Democratic politics.

No matter what the Philadelphia Democrats do, a Christmas tree is what it has always been and will always be. The city’s attempt to imply differently is absurd. Radical Democrats must acknowledge the fact that, despite their best efforts, this is still a predominantly Judeo-Christian nation where the majority of people celebrate Christmas, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.




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