With Discovery Of New Classified Docs; DOJ Considering Conducting Additional Research | Report

With Discovery Of New Classified Docs; DOJ Considering Conducting Additional Research | Report

According to CBS News, the Justice Department (DOJ) is reportedly considering conducting additional searches for sensitive papers at additional locations connected to President Joe Biden.

According to Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer, the DOJ searched Biden’s Wilmington home on Friday and discovered six more items with a classified marking. This raises the possibility of further searches. Unknown is what the restricted materials include.

Bauer asserted on Saturday that Biden had volunteered to let the FBI handle the investigation under the DOJ’s direction. It’s unclear if Biden has consented for the DOJ to perform other searches at different places connected to Biden.


On January 14, the White House asserted that all searches for all classified papers had been finished. In addition to the about 25 secret documents that Biden’s personal attorneys discovered in recent weeks at the Penn Biden Center and Biden’s home, a large cache was discovered on Friday.

On Thursday, Biden said there was “no there there” and that he had “no remorse” about handling classified information improperly. Days before the midterm elections, on November 2, Biden’s private attorneys discovered the secret materials for the first time.

Biden stated, “We’re fully collaborating and anticipating a speedy resolution to this.” “I believe you’ll discover there is nothing there. I don’t feel guilty. I’m doing as the attorneys have requested that I do. Exactly that is what we are doing. There isn’t anything there.

Despite their frequent assertions of transparency, The Washington Post reported that the White House and DOJ concurred to keep President Joe Biden’s confidential document scandal a secret from the American people until it leaked to the media.

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Why Biden’s private attorneys began looking for his unlawfully hidden records has been questioned by critics. The initial rationale or justification for the search has not been disclosed by the White House.

According to reports, White House officials are concerned about how the classified document controversy involving Biden was revealed to the public after just a small number of White House and DOJ officials were aware of the infraction.




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