Donald Trump Returns to Town Hall with Fox News Sean Hannity With One Condition - It's Being Pre-Recorded

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to appear on Fox News anchor Sean Hannity's town hall for the second time during the 2024 presidential campaign season. The upcoming show is set to be pre-recorded and will air on Thursday, June 1, from Clive, Iowa. Unlike the previous live event, this town hall will be a seamless affair. Additionally, Clive is the site of the first-in-the-nation Republican primary caucus, adding significance to his appearance.

Given Hannity's long-standing friendship with the Republican front-runner, viewers may anticipate that he will not press Trump with tough questions. Moreover, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis entering the race on Wednesday, the program is poised to offer Trump an opportunity to criticize his closest challenger in his characteristic fashion.

During recent town hall with CNN host Kaitlin Collins, President Trump generated a flurry of headlines as he confidently answered questions about his history of tweets, calling Collins a "nasty person" in the process. Despite strong defense from members of the audience, including some who identified as liberal, AOC, Anderson Cooper, and a founder of the Lincoln Project all rebuked the president during the event.

After facing a month of scathing criticism following the sudden firing of former star Tucker Carlson, Fox has a long way to go in regaining the trust of its devoted conservative viewers. With the upcoming town hall featuring President Trump, the network has a crucial opportunity to salvage its reputation. However, besting CNN's recent town hall with Trump which attracted a viewership of 3.3 million, is a challenging task. It's important to note that during his time in the White House, President Trump participated in a Fox town hall that drew 5.1 million views; a feat that the network will strive to replicate this time around.

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