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These Rules apply to your usage of our goods and services and will make your interaction with us—along with the rest of our expanding community—more pleasurable. Please be aware of and abide by any extra guidelines that could be applicable to certain goods or services.

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Be a decent citizen, in brief. Engage in respectful conversation and connection with others. Avoid using slurs, insults, or unnecessary violence towards people. Avoid publishing anything that insults, harms, or abuses individuals based on stereotypes.

Remain focused. Keep your stuff current and properly manage it.

Understand the regulations. These Community Guidelines and any other product-specific guidelines all apply to your behavior while using Please report any content that you find to be in violation of these Community Guidelines by utilizing the report abuse feature offered by each of our products.

If you violate these guidelines, we may take action against your account, which may include the deletion of any content, the denial of the ability to leave comments, warnings, suspension, and/or account termination. We try to make sure that decisions are fair, but we always reserve the right to delete material or suspend accounts without warning for any reason, but especially to safeguard our services, infrastructure, customers, and community. While we are not under any legal duty to act in a certain way as a result of these Guidelines, we will make every effort to uphold them in a way that is consistent with our principles and values.

If you have any questions regarding how we apply these Guidelines or how to appeal a decision to have your content removed, please contact our Help Center.

Violence Threats. Threats of violence made against people or organizations, especially well-known people, are illegal and will be reported to law police as necessary. Additionally forbidden is any content that encourages, incites, or advocates violent or other illegal action (e.g. encouraging others to commit violence against an individual or group, or expressing support for acts of violence).

Terrorism: It is forbidden to publish anything that supports, encourages, or incites acts of international terrorism or domestic violent extremism. This ban covers material intended to encourage people to join terrorist or extremist groups, as well as material that honors or promotes such groups’ leaders or the violent acts that are linked to them.

Exploitation Of Children. Content that sexualizes kids or encourages or aids child sexual abuse should not be posted, sent, or requested. This covers animated and digitally altered stuff. We report severe crimes such the possession, dissemination, and soliciting of child sexual abuse materials to law enforcement agencies throughout the globe through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Hate Behavior and Speech. We forbid the publication of any content of any kind that advocates violence or incites hatred against an individual or a group on the basis of that person or group’s actual or alleged race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability,, or political affiliation. We also forbid groups and organizations that encourage or participate in acts of violence and hatred against others based on the qualities mentioned above from utilizing our services (e.g. using our services to promote an event or gathering for a hate group). Read the Anti-Defamation League’s suggestions for dealing with hate speech.

Self-harm and Suicide. Posting anything that encourages or praises self-harm or suicide is prohibited. Content that urges others to hurt themselves falls under this category (e.g. posting content that promotes an eating disorder).

Brutality and Mutilation. Content that portrays or encourages serious bodily harm, torture, or animal or human mutilation is forbidden.

Adult Material. Posting images of exposed female breasts, including the nipple, or of male or female genitalia is prohibited. For posts of artistic, educational, political, or scientific significance, as well as in other situations when the text was not meant to arouse sexual desire, we allow exceptions to this rule (e.g, breastfeeding, childbirth, and protest nudity). It’s forbidden to post material that shows sexual activity, body fluids, or physiological processes done for sexual stimulation.

Bullying and Retaliation. Our services do not allow personal attacks on other people, especially fellow users. This ban applies to anything that is intended to intimidate, humiliate, degrade, harass someone sexually, or cause other damage, as well as material that has the intention of stifling debate or pushing users away from our platforms (e.g., using language to bully people with whom you disagree through repetitive or off-topic posts). We give derogatory content aimed at those under 18 more consideration because we understand that bullying directed at kids may be particularly destructive.

Prostitution and Human Trafficking. It is not permitted to use to support sex trafficking, other types of human trafficking, or commercial sexual activities. Report any instances of human trafficking you notice on, and urge the victims to get in touch with the police.

Illicit drugs. It is forbidden to depict the use of illicit substances or give instructions on how to make or get hold of them. Drug sales and purchases of any kind are not permitted on our sites.

Criminal Activity. It is forbidden to publish material that encourages or enables unlawful action. This covers the sale, purchase, and distribution of unlawful goods.

Doxing User Privacy Protection. Do not disclose private information that might be used against you or another person in public. Passwords, ID numbers, bank account details, birthdates, home or work addresses, and other widely known personally identifying information are prohibited (PII). To learn more about safeguarding your account, visit our support page.

Invasions of Privacy. Posting anything that encourages, assists, or records the breach of another person’s reasonable expectation of privacy is prohibited. This ban covers voyeuristic material, personal photos and videos shared without permission, and threats to post photos online in an effort to disgrace or harass someone else. For more information on how to delete search results, please visit our support page.

Keeping Our Platform Integrity Non-Genuine Behavior (Misinformation, Disinformation, and Impersonation). Content intended to deceive, scam, or otherwise damage our users is not permitted. This includes attempting to deny people their right to vote or interfering with elections in other malevolent ways. You are not permitted to try to mislead users about the source of the material you submit or your relationship with any other person, organization, or enterprise. However, there are some exceptions, such as parody and satire, which may be allowed if explicitly stated.

Malware, Spam, and Resource Abuse. You are not permitted to upload anything of any kind that is repetitious, off-topic, or intended to drive traffic to a website other than a using our products. To promote or censor information uploaded by you or others, or to go around’s security and content moderation features, you may not set up or utilize multiple accounts. Please refrain from using our products to spread viruses, malware, or other damaging materials, or for phishing. Avoid taking any activities that could disrupt the functionality of networks, servers, or other infrastructure owned by or others.

Deleted Accounts. Your account may be deactivated and all of its contents, including any saved email, may be erased if you haven’t accessed it in more than a year. For further information about deactivating or cancelling your account and downloading your data, please visit our support page.

Protection of Intellectual Property. Using intellectual property and copyright. Posting material that infringes on someone else’s copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights is prohibited. If we come across such content or at the rights holder’s request, we will delete it. Please examine our copyright and intellectual property policy for more information.