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WayneDupree.com was created for people who believe in the United States of America and its ideals, as expressed in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Emancipation Proclamation.

The editorial stance of Wayne Dupree.com reflects the antiquated belief that the primary function of the free press in a free society is to act as a watchdog over those in authority, whether they are in the government or other significant societal institutions, such as the corporate sector, the arts, education, or entertainment, and to bravely expose corruption, deceit, fraud, and abuse wherever and whenever it is found. This belief is reflected in the fact that Wayne Dupree.com takes the position that the In addition to breaking news, the innovative website places an emphasis on recognizing and aiding individuals and organizations who exemplify exceptional virtue and generosity.

Wayne Dupree.com is committed to protecting America’s distinctive constitutional system of limited government, its free-market capitalism economic system, and most importantly, the fundamental Judeo-Christian values that have made America the most honorable, prosperous, liberated, and charitable nation in history.

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Correction Policy: Reporting that is both truthful and accurate is one of the goals of Wayne Dupree.com. At the very bottom of each page is a section labeled “Corrections and Updates,” which lists any changes that have been made to the content of the article (with the exception of a few minor typographical Please send us an email if you see a mistake. wdshow@yahoo.com

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