Have Americans Been Wrong To Put Their Trust In The FBI All These Years?

Politics has always been a cutthroat business, but the election of Donald Trump radicalized Democrats to a point of insanity that few could have foreseen. The FBI’s 2016 mission to demolish then-presidential candidate Trump has since metastasized into the Democratic Party’s open war against him, despite the fact that it may have started as a top-secret project involving only a small number of officials at the highest levels of the Obama administration.

This fight has widened under the Biden administration to encompass everyone who backs Trump in addition to the previous president. That was made very obvious by President Joe Biden when he referred the so-called “MAGA Republicans” as “semi-fascists” in a speech.

The bureaucratic bureaucrats, professors, corporate executives, and legacy media tycoons who have helped Democrats put Trump back in his place have undoubtedly been encouraged by Biden’s blatant enmity against the “MAGA Republican” base. Even in their own eyes, his warnings about the danger to democracy that Trump allegedly poses have lent their cause some credence. After all, isn’t it proper to make an effort to get rid of this dangerous semi-fascist and his fanatical supporters in Washington?

Of course, the issue is that Biden’s claims of radicalism among the MAGA ranks are unsupported by any proof. His sole defense of the tirade, that Republicans “denied” the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, is actually shared by members of his own party.

If recent charges made by an FBI whistleblower are accurate, however, the intelligence community is attempting to alter that and provide Democrats with the necessary cover.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated on Monday that an FBI whistleblower claimed the organization recently changed the way it classified defendant cases from January 6 in order to give the impression that domestic terrorism was more widespread than it actually is.

The informant, who the New York Post identified as FBI special agent Steve Friend on Wednesday, told Jordan that rather than assigning all of the cases from January 6 to the FBI’s Washington Field Office, the bureau allegedly assigned each case to the field office of the defendants’ home states to be looked into separately. This suggests that the FBI has decided to initiate hundreds more domestic terrorism cases throughout the nation rather than linking the Jan. 6 defendants to the same “black swan incident.”

The FBI has been compelled to divert agents and resources from other crucial national cases, such child trafficking cases, as a result of what looks to be widespread domestic terrorism in the United States, the whistleblower continued. Even one FBI supervisor admitted to the whistleblower that “investigations of child sexual abuse were no longer an FBI priority.”

Additionally, according to Friend, the FBI has broadened the scope of its investigation into what happened on January 6 by filing domestic terrorism charges against individuals “who were nowhere near the Capitol on January 6, 2021, based on anonymous tips to an FBI hotline or from Facebook spying on their messages.” According to Friend, the FBI has also “post-facto declared a grassy area outside the Capital as a restricted zone, although it was not prohibited on January 6, 2021” in order to “widen the net of prosecutions.”

According to his whistleblower complaint, the 12-year FBI veteran protested to the agency’s practices in August by declining to take part in a SWAT raid on a suspect on January 6 in Jacksonville, Florida. According to him, the raid “violated FBI rules and were a use of excessive force against suspects on January 6 accused of petty violations,” he told his superiors. The sixth amendment right to a fair trial and the eighth amendment prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment, in his opinion, were both violated by the raid.

This past Monday, shortly after submitting his whistleblower complaint to Inspector General of the Justice Department Michael Horowitz, he was let off from the organization.

Much of this was already known or at least believed to be true, but the crucial distinction is that we now have an eyewitness to the FBI’s culture of corruption. In fact, Jordan claims that we have at least 20 of them.

Nothing about this should be shocking. As noted by historian Victor David Hanson in a recent piece, the FBI has a lengthy history of corruption and abuse of power. “The FBI tampers with and skews national elections,” he wrote. It employs total liars who are considerably worse than its targets as informants. Government and elected officials are denigrated or excused depending on their political views. Individual Americans’ civil freedoms are violated by it. The FBI’s top brass now regularly lies before Congress. Evidence that was produced under compulsion has been changed or destroyed. They improperly divulge sensitive information to the media. And they lied to federal investigators as they were sworn in.

Hanson has a point. The corruption is widespread. The FBI has given up on fulfilling its stated purpose and now prioritizes furthering the Democratic Party’s political platform.

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