Did PayPal Try To Slip One In And Hope That Nobody Noticed?

When it comes to forcing their extreme morals and agenda on the people, liberals, Democrats, and other left-wingers will attempt anything. To get what they want, they will resort to name-calling, slander, and instilling terror. Oppressive totalitarianism and the pursuit of punishment for those who resist and don’t cooperate are also among their strategies. As the most recent example, PayPal has begun fining users $2,500 for spreading “misinformation.” On November 3, it was scheduled to become official.

It was revealed by the Washington Examiner on Monday that the financial technology firm had secretly modified its “Acceptable Use Policy” over the weekend. Any PayPal user found to be spreading “misinformation” will incur a $2,500 “liquidated damages” fine. It was an action reminiscent of those done by totalitarian, communist governments as those of Stalin’s Soviet Union, Castro’s Cuba, Mao’s China, Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam, and others.

This meant that anyone found by Paypal to be spreading extremist views such as “men cannot have kids,” “men are not women,” or “there are only two genders” would likely be hit with a $2,500 punishment. This was simply the most recent instance of the extreme methods the Left would take to enforce their political will.

The Left has often demonstrated its willingness to resort to totalitarian measures in order to destroy freedom and repress liberty in the service of its political goal and ideology. They have no respect for individual rights. As they strive to shape the world into their Marxist, communist ideal, all the Left wants is submission and conformity. They were trying to change a free society by implementing this policy, and it was just one more example of their ruthlessness.

The dictatorial move by PayPal, thankfully, was met with a strong and immediate outcry. The corporation reversed course and issued a statement claiming the policy had been put “in mistake.” PayPal’s attempt towards authoritarianism was defeated by its user base.

“An AUP notice recently sent out in mistake that included inaccurate information,” a PayPal representative stated. PayPal does not have a policy of fining users for providing inaccurate information, and this clause was never meant to be included in our terms and conditions. Teams are hard at work updating our policies. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

PayPal didn’t make a blunder by publishing the rules; it was intentional. The only mistake the corporation made was being so naive as to not anticipate the uproar their policy would cause. They intended to impose their Big Tech tyranny, but customers who stood up to them and threatened to boycott the firm made them back down.

The dictatorial move by PayPal should serve as a wake-up message for all those who value their freedom. It’s a sign of the ongoing culture war in America and the conflicts to come. The level of the Left’s power hunger has to be made known to the public. They also need to understand the grave danger that Democrats, liberals, and other activists on the political left represent to the liberties we hold dear in the United States. The people must stand up against these injustices and defend the republicanism and liberties on which our nation was founded.

“Any communications, content, or materials that, in PayPal’s sole judgement,… encourage disinformation,” are the keywords here. In other words, the policy is undefined and the target has no recourse. In the marketplace, you may find a variety of alternative offerings. This is just how they do business; they weren’t expecting anyone to notice. Even if it was accidentally published, it was still a policy that somebody deliberated and considered inclusion; policies don’t just write themselves. If you say something that Paypal doesn’t like, someone there may try to steal your money.

There’s reason for concern about the next “woke” stage. When you voice an opinion that the awakened club does not like, they will just steal your money.

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