How Can Many Of You Look For A New Party Leader When You Have One Already?

Many conservatives think that Donald Trump has to stand down and let someone else run for president in 2024. Trump is allegedly too elderly, gave in to COVID pressure, and failed to enact any important legislation. They would rather that younger Republicans like Mike Pompeo, Ted Cruz, or Ron DeSantis run for president. Conservatives should set aside their own preferences and support Trump for reelection even though many excellent candidates may run in 2024.

Putting the interests of the United States first was one of Trump’s biggest achievements as president. Trump’s trade and foreign policy were the finest of any President in recent memory. His China tariffs defended American businesses. Without inadvertently offending either China or Russia, he knew how to handle both. If Trump had still been in office, there would not have been a protracted conflict in Ukraine. In addition, he handled the momentous Middle East peace accord that allowed us to finally send our soldiers home.

The Republican Party under Trump’s direction changed from being the party of big business and military interventionism to becoming the party of nationalism and the working class. Trump demolished the old Republican elite of Paul Ryan and John McCain in a few of years while forging a new multiethnic working-class alliance. Since he left the White House, Trump has continued to transform the GOP. A new wave of conservative candidates including JD Vance, Blake Masters, Joe Kent, and Kari Lake have triumphed over their establishment-aligned primary rivals thanks to Trump’s backing. One of the greatest political reformers in American history is Donald Trump.

Trump’s biggest achievement isn’t even to save the Republican Party. The overturning of Roe v. Wade is Trump’s most notable accomplishment. He is among the greatest presidents in American history just because of this one action. Who knows how many lives Trump has spared? Without the pro-life movement, overturning Roe would not have been conceivable, yet Trump receives all the credit for bringing about the win.

Despite Trump’s impressive resume of achievements, many conservatives contend that he shouldn’t seek reelection in 2024. The claim that Trump gave in on COVID is among the most often used criticisms of him. Many people overlook the fact that Trump frequently opposed draconian COVID regulations on his own. He opposed lockdowns and refrained from enlarging the federal government throughout the crisis. After Democrats began requiring masks, Trump did not wear one for several months, and as the epidemic progressed, he hardly ever did. When the majority of his present conservative detractors were freaking out, Trump stayed composed. In retrospect, there wasn’t anything he could have changed to have responded to COVID more effectively. The public was persuaded by the media and Democrats that COVID was extremely harmful, and they blamed Trump for every death it resulted in. Regrettably, Trump lacked the political clout at the time to alter the narrative.

The claim that Trump is too old to run for office again is another prevalent one. Trump has disproven this. He is the most energetic politician in the world right now. Additionally, nobody else comes close to Trump’s level of voter connection. Since Reagan, he has been the best communicator thanks to his showman nature. Trump has a strong connection with the public, as seen by the sizable audiences he draws whenever he speaks.

Trump did the best he could given the circumstances in Washington, despite the fact that most of his MAGA program could not be approved by Congress during his first term. What the Republican Party was like in the early years of Trump’s first administration is something that many conservatives have already forgotten. Republicans in Congress, conservative academics, bureaucrats, and even members of his own cabinet were all working nonstop to keep the swamp that Trump was trying to drain from being drained. During the first two years of Trump’s administration, the Republican Congress was under the authority of establishment leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. By the time pro-Trump candidates started challenging establishment Republicans in Congress, Democrats had taken over the House and stopped any further passage of Trump’s program. Trump’s MAGA plan will be passed by the new pro-Trump Republican Congress if he wins in 2024.

Most significantly, Trump has to win reelection to demonstrate that the left is powerless to overthrow any president who poses a challenge to the liberal establishment’s bipartisan structure. If Trump is not re-elected, Democrats will be able to overthrow any conservative president through smear campaigns, witch hunts, bogus impeachments, deplatforming, and the weaponization of intelligence agencies. The only way to stop Democrats from utilizing similar strategies against the following conservative leader is to reelect Trump.

Although there are a lot of deserving possible Republican contenders, Trump will very certainly seek reelection and get the party’s nomination. Trump will not be prevented from running again. The vast majority of Republicans still back Trump, even if a sizable minority would prefer to see someone else win the primary. The worst-case scenario for conservatives is if a ferociously conservative candidate like DeSantis runs against Trump in 2024 and wages war on him.

It would be detrimental to the conservative movement and our prospects of winning the general election if there were a civil war inside the Republican Party’s right wing. To beat Democrats in 2024, conservatives must unify. As a general rule, we should not look for a new party leader when the one we have is doing a terrific job. The conservative movement is harmed by disloyalty to a strong party leader because it causes needless division.

Democrats will take any action they deem necessary to prevent anyone they perceive as posing a danger to their position of power. The moment has come for all conservatives to support Trump together. Trump destroyed the dynasties of the Clinton, Bush, and Cheney while overturning Roe v. Wade and saving the Republican Party. He has won our allegiance.


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