Nancy Pelosi’s “Pick The Crops” Immigration Statement Not Well Received!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

Due to a labor crisis in America, Florida farmers are in need of immigrants to “pick the crops,” according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday.

The California Democrat was asked to remark on border security while participating in a press conference.

Pelosi stated that “we also have a responsibility to acknowledge the value of newcomers to our nation,” while acknowledging that the Biden administration has “a responsibility to safeguard our border.” She thinks “comprehensive immigration reform” may help with this.

She continued by pointing out that there is a labor shortage in the US. “You hear some farmers and producers in Florida asking, ‘Why are you sending these immigrants up north?'” They must pluck the crops down here, said Pelosi.

The Florida Republican governor Ron DeSantis flew two planeloads of migrants to the affluent island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, where the Obama family and other political heavyweights have homes, but the House speaker did not expand on what precisely she meant by these statements.

Several conservatives reacted negatively to Pelosi’s words. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) wrote on Twitter that it is “obvious Pelosi and Democrats are utilizing illegal immigrants and solely regard them as cheap labor,” adding that “this is what true bigotry looks like.”

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, a US anti-immigration group, concurred with this assertion and stated: “For Democrats, mass immigration ticks two boxes: 1. More potential voters 2. Low-cost immigrant labor

For many Americans in recent years, the subject of illegal immigration has been particularly contentious. More than half of US Americans, according to an August NPR/Ipsos survey, think that there is a “invasion” at the southern border. According to official statistics, the US government has arrested more than 2 million immigrants along the southern border during the previous 11 months as of late September.

A Democrat leader even acknowledged that long-overdue immigration reform is finally required after decades of political impasse over what Republicans criticize as open borders. Under President Joe Biden, there were a record number of border apprehensions—more than 2 million—in the previous 12 months.

Comprehensive immigration reform is currently the best thing we can do for our economy, according to Pelosi.

Republicans have long cautioned Democrats that they want more immigrants in the country so that they will eventually vote for them more frequently.

“Mass immigration ticks two boxes for Democrats: 1. More potential voters 2. Low-cost foreign labor,” tweeted the Federation of American Immigration Reform on Friday.

But according to Republican strategists, the GOP cannot let Democrats use its storylines to win the November elections.

Republican strategist Nathan Wurtzel tweeted, “Hard to imagine immigrants who have become citizens are starting to vote Republican when the head of the House Democrat Party considers them merely as fruit pickers.”

Republicans have pointed out that previous President Donald Trump would have faced harsher criticism if he had made a comment similar to Pelosi’s, including Newsmax presenter Rob Schmitt on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

A social media influencer wrote, “I want you to picture for a second what would happen if Trump stated, ‘We need the immigrants down south to pick our crops’ instead of Pelosi.

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