Just Remember, To The World, This Is Our Best And Brightest And They Are Laughing

The fake political media in Washington has been avoiding the topic for years, but it took a fake news anchor on “Saturday Night Live” to raise it. President Biden is he drunk? Or simply senile? Or has he actually always been this dimwitted?
The fake news anchor was seated at a fake TV news desk when the parody got underway. Behind him, on the screen, was a picture of Vice President Biden with a sizable marijuana leaf. Before the phony news announcer had spoke, the audience started to chuckle.
He then began his joke. The fake news host pulled up a video clip of the president of the United States speaking and stated, “This week, President Biden pardoned thousands of imprisoned marijuana users and it feels like maybe he rejoiced with them a bit. Yesterday, Biden delivered a speech at a car plant and started with this.”
More chuckles.
Mr. Biden said, “Let me start off with two things. Made in the USA.
It can be difficult to determine if Mr. Biden is worse at language or numbers at times. Fair enough, Mr. Biden has never had a real job and has spent his whole career in Washington, where no one is proficient in math.
The crowd cheered. The phony news host went on. I’ll answer in two words: Jesus H. Christ.
Sure, it’s almost blasphemous. However, it may have been a sincere prayer. Even a phony news host on an unfunny comedy show can understand that this president is ruining the nation.
Surprisingly, that specific beating of Mr. Biden was not muted on the internet. Even the censors eventually run out of room to keep up with the volume of lies they propagate and facts they obfuscate.
There is no evidence that Mr. Biden personally uses marijuana, despite the fact that he has devoted his entire life to helping his drug-dependent son. However, calling him a stoner is about as kind as it gets.
But his vice president is a very other story.
In her role as San Francisco’s district attorney, Kamala Harris found thousands of marijuana users guilty, many of whom were sentenced to prison. Which evidently makes her laugh right now.
During her unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2019, Ms. Harris acknowledged using marijuana in an interview. To her own hilarity, she shrieked, “And I breathed.” ‘I did breathe in’ Ms. Harris maintained her comedic approach as she was pressed more about the crime that she had sentenced thousands of people for. “And look, I somewhat jokingly joke about the fact that half of my family is from Jamaica. She continued to chuckle at her own laborious, inane joke, “Are you kidding me?”
Now comes Mr. Biden, forgiving the marijuana users who were imprisoned by his vice president as she was climbing the San Francisco political food chain.
Given that it is election season, Ms. Harris jumped right into blatant political exploitation. She remarked earlier this week on another terrible comedy program, “Nobody should have to go to jail for using pot, right?”
She said, “We are pushing governors and states to follow our lead and pardon folks who have been charged with marijuana possession. In other words, the Biden administration is fervently pleading with voters to reverse the harm created throughout the political careers of the two officials at the top of the government on the eve of an unpleasant election.
Keep in mind that Joe Biden was the only politician rougher on drug users than Kamala Harris was at the time when it benefited their political careers.
These are genuinely ill folks.
Ms. Harris is now promoting her new initiative to increase drug addiction among Americans by stating that “Congress has to act.”
“The midterm exams are in 29 days. Ask the candidate you are supporting where they stand on this.
Certainly, America. Vote on this matter if you can afford to pay for petrol to travel to the polls this year. And the danger of nuclear war that the Biden administration has put us in, along with crime, inflation, gas costs, and the open border.

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