Chinese Authorities Are Being Allowed To Carry Out Policing Operations In New York

A human rights advocate claims that China’s alleged foreign police service stations and their efforts to get people to return home represent a risky expansion of the regime’s international influence.

An investigation by the pan-Asian human rights group Safeguard Defenders, which was released last month, described a Chinese effort to address “fraud and telecom fraud” offenses committed by its expatriate nationals. According to the study, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has opened at least 54 police stations in 30 different nations, including the United States.


Campaign manager for Safeguard Defenders Laura Harth told Fox News, “I think it demonstrates how brazen the CCP is become and how little concern they have for other governments.” “It’s against territorial sovereignty and against international law.”

According to the research, the police stations are largely found in Western Europe, but four are in North America, including one in New York City. According to Hart, they permit Chinese officials to “conduct out policing activities on foreign land.”

This, according to Harth, “clearly demonstrates how clueless and naive some governments are, or choose to be, at this stage.” “European authorities are seriously undereducated and unwilling to act on or even investigate it.”

According to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, 230,000 Chinese nationals have been “persuaded to return” home to face criminal charges since the campaign’s April 2021 beginning.

According to Harth, “a significant component of this global policing repression operation also aims to silence the community, silence opposition, and make sure that people are sufficiently terrified.”

Chinese nationals have reportedly been threatened and intimidated by family members in China as a means of getting them to come home. A suspect’s family’s bank accounts may be frozen, their property may be seized, and their children may be prohibited from going to school.

They might detain them and question them, according to Harth. “Additionally, guilt by implication exists. There are reports of persons being detained or prosecuted for the alleged offenses committed against their relatives “abroad.

China will “truly do whatever” to urge them to convince their family members to return, she continued. For the CCP, “nothing appears to be too remarkable or too cruel.”

If such strategies don’t work, the CCP will send out its international officers to confront the suspect face-to-face in an effort to “persuade,” according to Harth.

That sends a loud and clear message to anyone looking to leave China or who has already done so: You are not secure anyplace.

“Clearly, this is against the law in every way. This is not your typical case of global police cooperation “She spoke. “These have been erected without the local authorities’ knowledge and without any requests.”

According to the Chinese embassy, the stations offer services including ID and driver’s license renewal to Chinese nationals living overseas, as declared by the Chinese government. While this may be partially accurate, according to Harth, the stations are mostly employed to strengthen China’s ability to police law abroad.

We are aware that they are expanding on the network of United Front labor organizations that already exist, Harth stated. If not stopped at the start, this might become out of hand very rapidly.


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