Fox News Mogul Allegedly Draws Line In Sand; Will Support A Democrat If Trump Runs In 2024

According to sources close to the media mogul, Rupert Murdoch has told Donald Trump that he won’t support any attempt by the former president to run for office again and would even support a Democrat against him.

It is believed that the chairman of News Corp. and Fox News, Mr. Murdoch, has informed Mr. Trump that his political career has been ended as a result of the underwhelming performance of the Republican candidates he supported in last week’s US midterm elections.

We have been forthright with Donald, a senior News Corp insider said. Rupert has made it clear to Donald in their conversations that we will not support another bid for the White House.


As chief executive of Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, and co-chairman of News Corporation, Lachlan Murdoch is also known to have told Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that the Murdoch family’s media clout would support him if he ran for president, regardless of whether Joe Biden would be the Democratic nominee or not.

The insider claimed that Lachlan had been interested in Ron for some time. Within the organization, he is seen as a cleaned-up version of Donald.

The source noted that the Murdochs’ support for Mr. DeSantis is now “stronger than ever” as a result of his impressive performance in the midterm elections last week.

While the Murdochs’ support might be enough to convince Mr. DeSantis to run for president, should he decide against it, News Corp. and Fox News are unlikely to support Mr. Trump in the event that incumbent President Biden seeks reelection.

If Joe Biden runs against Mr. Trump in 2024, the Murdochs would “likely remain neutral,” the person continued. However, should Mr. Biden withdraw and Mr. Trump remain on the Republican ticket, the family is willing to support another Democrat candidate.

According to the source, if Donald and Joe are the eventual winners, “we might just cover the race without any leanings one way or the other.”

However, the insider went on to say that the Murdoch media empire would support the Democrats against Mr. Trump “for the sake of stability and a rational White House” if the Democrats could “find a respectable candidate to take Joe’s place.”

The source went on to say that while the Murdochs would consider supporting a candidate other than Joe Biden to run against Donald Trump, the likelihood of that happening was remote. Joe wouldn’t be running, thus the Democrats would need to find a fresh, capable contender. And that’s not Kamala Harris, the vice president. However, given his relative success in the midterm elections and the fact that I don’t think the Democrats have yet identified a replacement, Joe may very well seek a second term.

Before the start of next year, President Biden is not anticipated to declare whether he would run for a second term.

It is believed that the Murdoch family saw Mr. Trump’s actions during the assault of the Capitol in January 2021 as the breaking point in their relationship with the outgoing president.

Another News Corp source stated that “the contentious pronouncements from Donald around the outcome of the 2020 presidential race were, for many, the beginning of the end of his political career.” “Donald might not be aware of that yet, but many of other people are.”

Following the US midterm elections, The New York Post made fun of “Trumpty Dumpty” on its front page on Monday (Photo: New York Post)
The much-anticipated “red wave,” which was supposed to give the Republicans a landslide victory in Congress and the Senate, did not occur in the midterm elections, with many of Mr. Trump’s preferred candidates falling short in contests for both houses.

The Republicans are currently expected to win a much smaller majority in the House of Representatives than was predicted, while the Democrats’ control of the Senate was confirmed after the crucial race in Nevada was declared in their favor late on Saturday. A few congressional races are still too close to call.

According to reports, Mr. Trump still plans to make what he has called “a very big statement” on primetime television on Tuesday night, despite losing the support of News Corp. and Fox News.

Despite growing worries from Republican Party leaders that any attempt to return to the White House could backfire for the party in the upcoming presidential election, he is anticipated to make an official statement on Tuesday from his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Former president’s longterm advisor Jason Miller stated in an interview with US network CBS that President Trump would declare his candidacy on Tuesday. And it will be a really polished, well-put-together announcement. Trump was “heated up” about running in 2024, he continued.



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