WAYNE SPEAK! My Top 5 Important Issues For The 2022 Midterms

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INFLATION: Republicans believe that people will be most concerned about inflation when casting their ballots, and they believe that President Biden’s economy provides them the advantage. They believe they can win if they can persuade Americans to believe Republicans will help them financially despite Biden’s dismal polling results and the stubbornly high costs. While Biden’s popularity has recently increased, many Americans continue to struggle with rising prices for necessities of life. This fact has privately alarmed Democrats who see their opposition making progress.

ABORTION: Democrats immediately set to work trying to convert their outrage over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade into votes because they perceived the decision as horrifying and barbaric. Republicans believed that it had taken 50 years for the court to decide to send the matter back to the states. There will be significant ramifications for abortion rights nationwide following the 2022 midterm elections. If they gain a majority after the election on November 8, Democrats in Congress might adopt legislation like the Women’s Health Protection Act to safeguard access to abortion and restore some of what was lost when Roe was overturned. If Republicans take control, they might implement the 15-week national abortion restriction that Senator Lindsay Graham has suggested. State governors will decide whether or not women can receive abortions in their states.

CRIME: Republicans have gained ground in recent weeks in two Senate contests by portraying the Democratic contenders as party loyalists who support “defunding the cops” and proponents of crime. GOP operatives and national strategists have stepped up their criticism of John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee, and Mandela Barnes, the Wisconsin Democratic Senate nominee and a young, progressive Black man. Republicans have ran advertisements in Wisconsin attempting to link Barnes to criminal justice reforms they perceive as being lenient on crime. The GOP has made crimes in Philadelphia a focus in Pennsylvania.

IMMIGRATION: The first half of 2022 saw fewer homicides than the same period a year prior, according to a study of big-city police executives released this month, but robberies and assaults were on the up. The proportion of immigrants in the U.S. population increased to 14.3% in 2021, the greatest level since the early 1900s, and since Democrat President Joe Biden assumed office in 2021, arrests of those trying to cross the border with Mexico had reached record highs. When it comes to crime and immigration, the Republican advantage is most pronounced among some of the party’s key constituencies, such as non-Hispanic whites without a college degree. In the Reuters/Ipsos survey, Republicans were selected by twice as many respondents.

DONALD TRUMP: The Trump effect is possibly the biggest conundrum for both parties in November. Many of the candidates Trump sponsored won their primaries in crucial swing states and districts, but Republicans disagree on whether or not candidates who adopt his political stance would triumph in the general election. Democrats have occasionally invested large sums of money in candidates they believe will be the easiest to defeat: far-right Republicans who contest the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and have strong ties to conservative extremist organizations. While everything has been going on, many Republicans have stuck by Trump, joining him at rallies and relying on his continued strong support from the GOP base.





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