Music Artist Claims Producer Wanted To Shower With Her For A Favor

Music Artist Claims Producer Wanted To Shower With Her For A Favor

For Ashanti, this year has been an absolute roller coaster. Without her voice, a great deal of information about her life and profession has been disclosed. However, the former Murder Inc. singer discusses a spooky meeting with a music producer she was working with in her most recent appearance with the Breakfast Club.

At the 15-minute mark of the conversation, she recalled one producer who told her, “Okay, I’m not going to charge you, you’re my homie. We recorded two records together. So, let’s take a shower together, he said when it was time to put it on the album.


And I assumed he was joking, she continued. After that, he says, “Nah, I’m dead serious.” I’ll give you the records after we go outside and take a shower together. I need 40 racks per record if not.

The “Foolish” singer recounted spending a few weeks working with the producer before to that occurrence. She claimed that after realizing the mystery producer was sincere, she needed to call a few people to ensure that “everything was addressed.” Ashanti omitted mentioning the producer or the occasion. Even while this incident is abhorrent, it’s not shocking that a male attempted to use a woman’s body as leverage against them, particularly in the music business.

Ashanti’s reputation has been tarnished all year long, most notably by Irv Gotti, her former employer at Murder Inc. Records. On the lengthy and bizarre Drink Champs episode of N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, Gotti spoke extensively about his connection with Ashanti and how he was “in love with her.”

Gotti gave an explanation of how his romance with the R&B artist began during the BET broadcast of The Murder Inc. Story. He oddly and minutely described the occasion when, following a late-night studio session, he took Ashanti home and the two had their first kiss.

Ashanti exposed many of the insulting things Gotti would say about her in an interview with Angie Martinez after he chose to stop talking about her. She recalled him telling her things like, “You ain’t sh*t, f**k you…you not even f**king loyal. You understand that I created you and that I caused the world to want to f**k you, get what I mean? N***as want to f**k you because I made you look like that, he would yell. In those precise words, I made you f**kable. In 2023, I hope people would refrain from mentioning Ashanti so she may concentrate on her music and career.

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