Biden’s Sec Of State Whines That Russia’s Putin Is Trying To Weaponize Winter?

According to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Russian President Vladimir Putin is “seeking to weaponize winter” to inflict suffering on Ukrainian residents.

According to Mr. Blinken, as the coldest winter months approach, Mr. Putin has been compelled to employ a tactic intended to try to cripple the Ukrainian electricity grid as a result of the Russian military’s failures on the battlefield in Ukraine.

“Weaponizing” Winter? What kind of fool is this clown, Blinken? And what kind of fools take this stuff seriously?


You may as well say that the Uke dictatorship “weaponized” this last Spring, when Russian vehicles in that 40 mile convoy were unable to leave the road due to mud in the fields and many became sitting ducks.

Weather is a constant in war. He who does not take it into account is gonna have big problems–like the Uke dictatorship is experiencing right now.

The secretary of state claimed during an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Mr. Putin had escalated Russia’s campaign against Ukrainian civilians in response to recent calls for peace talks, including those made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenkskyy.

What did Vladimir Putin do even while Ukrainian President Zelenskyy visited the G-20 nations, the top economies in the world, and presented a plan on how to advance toward peace? He bet twice and three times. escalating its military buildup, seizing land in Ukraine, and now attempting to weaponize winter, according to Mr. Blinken. He is essentially focusing his wrath and his fire on Ukrainian civilians by attacking the energy infrastructure and attempting to turn off the lights, the heat, and the electricity because he has been unable to prevail on the battlefield.

The remarks made reference to the waves of airstrikes that Russia has been conducting against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since mid-November.

The recent assaults on Ukrainian power lines and other civilian infrastructure have garnered headlines thanks to Mr. Putin’s assertion that they were carried out in retribution for measures taken by Ukrainian military.

The Russian leader rejected what he called unacceptable Western demands for peace talks to start in a sometimes tense, nearly hour-long phone call with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Friday. He also blamed the West’s “destructive” policies for the recent missile and drone strikes that have targeted Ukrainian cities.


According to a Kremlin readout of the call, Mr. Putin denounced what he called “provocative” attacks by Kyiv on Russian assets, including the prized bridge connecting the rest of Russia with the Russian-annexed Crimea and the ongoing mysterious attacks on the Russian-owned Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

Mr. Putin’s remarks come a day after President Biden said he would be willing to negotiate with Mr. Putin on Ukraine if the Russian president made it plain that he wanted to do so.

On Thursday, Mr. Biden stated that he would be open to speaking with Mr. Putin face-to-face under the condition that Mr. Putin look for “a path to end the war.”

On Sunday, Mr. Blinken underlined this point.

It is unlikely to proceed “unless and unless and until Putin indicates that he is truly interested in meaningful diplomacy,” the secretary of state added.




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