The 4th Estate’s Latest Moves Just Reminds Us They Can’t Be Trusted

It is clear from the recent concerted attacks by mainstream media figures against independent journalist Matt Taibbi that the media in the United States views its audience as drooling idiots. This incredibly low appraisal of its audience is underscored by their reaction to Taibbi’s revelation of the Twitter Files, which shows the company’s planned suppression of a major news story in advance of the 2020 presidential election.

MSNBC and the New York Times, among others, appear to be banking on the American public’s lack of awareness that they bungled the entire Hunter Biden laptop saga from the start. Biden campaign officials, intelligence officials, liberal journalists, and Twitter higher-ups (minus former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who was strangely left out of the loop) worked together brazenly to suppress the story while real journalists, like the New York Post’s Miranda Devine, reported the facts with tenacity.


Twitter’s mainly leftist workforce eagerly complied with Biden officials’ requests to remove “wrongthink” from the platform when they “flagged” tweets mentioning Devine’s essay. The New York Post’s Twitter account was temporarily disabled by Twitter after it published an article damaging to the Biden campaign.

The mainstream liberal media also did its bit by spreading the falsehoods of a group of retired intelligence officials who issued an united statement calling the article “Russian disinformation.” Partisan hacks and talking heads hypnotically repeated this expert verdict, stating the Biden laptop allegation bore “the typical earmarks” of a Russian psyop.

However, it is now established that the public was subjected to a Twitter/Biden/CIA/liberal media psyop, which was the true source of disinformation and unfolded with military precision and ferocity.

Liberal media figures who served the establishment’s interests have recently scoffed at Taibbi’s reporting, even though the latter’s Twitter Files expo confirms what we already knew to be true: that the aforementioned forces within the establishment sphere pose an immediate threat to our democracy in a way that former President Donald Trump could only dream of being. The only reason liberal media bullies like NBC’s Ben Collins have a job and a pension and a pat on the head is to protect established authority. Collins, who mockingly referred to Taibbi as “Substack Man” last week, was unable to lift Taibbi’s pencil case. (Right now, I would give my right arm and left leg to be able to watch those two debate each other on the Hunter Biden laptop issue).

The response of the establishment news corp to the release of the Twitter Files has been predictable and, unfortunately, effective. First, as was already said, they have coordinated attacks on the messenger, as if we are too dense to realize that they are all using the same word. Despite the fact that the laptop in question has evidence that directly implicates the president of the United States, who allegedly peddled his influence to foreign governments while serving as vice president, these people have tried to play down the relevance of the laptop narrative itself. Doesn’t that sound like the most boring narrative ever?

Last but not least, the liberal elite has effectively capitalized on the public’s growing propensity for tribalism by relegating the story to the tired dichotomy of pro-Trump versus anti-Trump sentiment. Support for Trump’s obviously false claims that he won the 2020 election is equated with concern over Twitter’s meddling in that election, according to this line of reasoning (not to mention Twitter’s brazen flouting of First Amendment principles, as ably outlined by progressive Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) in the Wall Street Journal). So that they can keep their grip on the story and divert attention away from their own pathetic reporting, they badly want the American populace to fit into these categories.

Yet, as always, their primary goal is to safeguard the status quo. If we really want to make sure that authority is taken away from them for good, it will take more than simply the Twitter Files.





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