WH Press Secretary Gets Defensive When Reporter Asks About Biden Allegedly Laughing During Speech On Fentaynl Deaths

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

When questioned about the claim that Joe Biden laughed at a mother whose sons died from fentanyl overdoses, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre retaliated at Fox News.

Rebecca Kiessling, who testified before Congress about the sad overdose deaths of her two boys, was interviewed by Fox News host Harris Faulkner on Thursday. In that interview, Kiessling and Faulkner attacked Biden for allegedly laughing at Kiessling’s suffering during a recent speech when, in reality, he was making fun of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for wrongly blaming him for their deaths.

When asked about the incident during Thursday’s White House briefing, Jean-Pierre attacked Greene and Fox News for “lying” about the president.

The journalist posed the following query: “Can you tell me about a particular part of the President’s speech last night in Baltimore? In his discussion of Marjorie Taylor Greene, he brought up a mother who had lost two of her kids to fentanyl. The fascinating thing, he continued, is that the fentanyl they ingested originated from the previous delivery. He then appears to laugh.

The mom is asking for an apology. And I wonder if he was disappointed with how things turned out.”

According to Jean-Pierre “Because this involves a mother who, as you just mentioned, lost two sons, I want to proceed with extreme caution. And when it comes to this President, I think the American people have a solid understanding of who he is because they have known him for a while and have seen him cope with a significant personal loss as well as go through mourning.

Thus, this President is aware of that. Last night, he expressed concern for her. And he has compassion for everyone who has to experience that kind of pain or hurt.

I will state that his words are being misrepresented by a person who frequently loses credibility for her assertions that are actually conspiracy theories. Also, a certain network is repeating these lies. I’ll stop there and add that there and that and that and there.

I’ll add one more thing: conservative parents have been extremely explicit about their views on fentanyl victims. These dishonest claims and attacks have drawn harsh criticism for the representative.

Again, though, our thoughts are with anyone who loses someone they love. And when it has happened and been brought to the President’s attention, you have heard him mention it often.”



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