Brother Of Alex Murdaugh Isn't Convinced He Murdered Wife And Son

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  • 03/07/2023
The elder brother of Alex Murdaugh is not persuaded that the South Carolina lawyer actually murdered his wife and children. After his brother was found guilty, Randy Murdaugh told the New York Times that "not knowing" was the worst possible situation. He claims that after Alex was charged with murder in July of last year, he began to wonder if he had ever really known his brother, who, like Randy, was a partner at the family law company.

He is now persuaded that Alex is a serial liar and thief, but not a murderer. He just can't image the father and husband, who seems so protective, shooting Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, and killing them. Yet "he understands more than what he's saying," Randy tells the Times. "In my perspective, he's not telling the whole story there."

The defense attorney for Murdaugh, Jim Griffin, said on Friday that the family was "more convinced that he did not do this" after the six-week trial and that they were "steadfastly in his camp and support him," but the interview, the first from a Murdaugh family member since the murder convictions were announced Thursday, contradicts that claim.

Buster, the eldest son of Alex, and John Marvin, the youngest, both provided testimony for the defense throughout the trial. They consistently provided a "show of support" for the alleged murderer, along with Alex's sister Lynne, according to the Independent. Although he was present in court, Randy did not give a testimony and was not always there. Alex hasn't heard from him, he claims, in almost a year.

Randy stated to Good Morning America in an interview from 2021 that "there's no possible way he could have anything to do with anything." He now tells the Times that he thought it odd that Alex wasn't very motivated to find the person who killed his wife and children. I called people every day for weeks on end, spending a significant amount of time doing so, claims Randy.

Alex, who didn't ask these questions, would simply remark that whoever was at fault had "pondered it for a long time.

Yet, I hoped that I would stop thinking about this after the trial because there is nothing else that can be presented "He claims. But it hasn't happened thus far.

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