Dershowitz: Case Against Trump Is Weakest I've Ever Seen

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/30/2023
Alan Dershowitz, a retired Harvard professor, claims that in his 60 years of practicing law, the Trump accusation is the weakest case he has ever seen.

Dershowitz reportedly said the Manhanttan indictment against the former President was "the worst, weakest, most abusive case of prosecutorial indiscretion." "I have been practicing law for 60 years, and I have never seen a poorer case."

Donald Trump became the first former president to be charged with a crime when a Manhattan grand jury decided to indict him for his alleged involvement in a 2016 payment to Stormy Daniels.

Dershowitz asserted that if Trump's name wasn't included, he thinks this case would be dismissed. If the defendant's name wasn't Donald Trump and the location wasn't New York, he said, "I never seen a case that would be so easy to win."

According to Dershowitz, the 45th President will still be able to run for reelection in 2024 notwithstanding this lawsuit.

He clarified, "Even if he's convicted, it can't stop him from running. "Even if he is imprisoned, the Constitution only lists a few requirements for the office of president, and he satisfies all of them. that he can flee. Eugene V. Debs, in my opinion, ran for president in the 1920s from a cell."

The case has been mocked by legal experts as being without merit, and Trump's new personal lawyer Joe Tacopina has claimed that the payment to his former lawyer Michael Cohen was in reality an appropriate legal fee.

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