Donald Trump Vows To Fight: '2024 is the final battle—it’s going to be the big one'

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  • 03/26/2023
At a rally on Saturday in Waco, Texas, Former President Donald Trump took a strong, yet vengeful posture, criticizing the prosecutors looking into him and asserting that he would be vindicated, according to the Associated Press. As many know, Waco is known for its lethal resistance to law enforcement. 

When a choir of prisoners incarcerated for their roles in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot played the song "Justice for All" as the rally's opening hymn, Trump stood at attention with a hand over his heart. After the choir performed the national anthem and a clip of Trump reciting the Pledge of Allegiance was played, some footage from the day was broadcast on large screens set up at the rally location.

Trump's first rally of his 2024 campaign was opened by the display. He then began a speech rife with contempt in which he painted the investigations, including a grand jury investigation in New York, as political assaults on him and his supporters. You will be made to feel proud and vindicated, added Trump. "We shall defeat, discredit, and completely disgrace the thugs and criminals that are corrupting our legal system." Trump's event on the grounds of the Waco airport was a part of a larger campaign by the former president to use the possibility of an indictment as a rallying cry for supporters to keep him in the lead among Republicans. It happened the day after Trump warned of violence if he were to become the first US president to be charged with a crime.


In the Manhattan investigation into a hush money payment made to porn performer Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election to prevent her from disclosing a sexual encounter she claimed to have had with Trump years earlier, Trump proclaimed his innocence. On Monday, a grand jury deliberating the case is anticipated to reconvene.

As Trump stated on Saturday, "our opponents have done everything they can to kill our spirit and to weaken our will." He further claimed that his "adversaries are trying to stop us." But they failed, he added. They have only strengthened us. Moreover, the decisive battle will take place in 2024. If you put me back in the White House, their rule will end and America will once again be a free country.

Trump chose Waco as the location for his inaugural rally as it was approaching the 30th anniversary of the Branch Davidians' 51-day siege and standoff with US law enforcement, which claimed the lives of more than 80 members of the religious cult and four federal agents. The incident has since gained notoriety among far-right extremists and militia groups. The Trump team stated that the event's time and venue had nothing to do with the anniversary of the Waco tragedy. According to a spokeswoman, the location, which is 17 miles from the Branch Davidian property, was picked because it is close to four of the state's largest metropolises: Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

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