Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen: Trump Wants Another Violent Battle

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  • 03/18/2023
Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer, claimed on Saturday that the former president's calls for a demonstration against the Manhattan district attorney's investigation signify a desire for "another violent battle" on his part.

In an appearance with MSNBC, Cohen stated, "It's hauntingly similar to the war cry that he put out immediately prior to the January 6th revolt, you know, especially considering the call, you know, for protest. "And I concur... 'Peaceful protest' would have been a wise choice for Trump to write, but he doesn't want a peaceful protest.

As part of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's investigation into a hush-money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels during Trump's 2016 campaign, Trump stated in a post on Truth Social earlier in the day that he anticipates being arrested next week.


The former president urged his supporters to demonstrate and "take our nation back," claiming that "illegal leaks" suggest that "the far & away leading Republican contender & former president of the United States of America, will be detained on Tuesday of next week."

Just before the 2016 election, Cohen, who testified earlier this week before the New York grand jury, gave Daniels a $130,000 payment to keep quiet about an alleged romance she had with Trump.

In 2018, the longtime fixer for the former president admitted to breaking campaign finance laws in relation to the hush-money payment.

Instead of learning the information through "leaks," as the former president claimed in his post, Trump or his team was most likely contacted by the district attorney's office, according to Cohen, who spoke to MSNBC on Saturday.

"Knowing Donald the way that I do, I don't see a reason that Donald would have put out the statement unless he has, or his team, has been contacted by the district attorney's office and counseled appropriately," Cohen added.

He continued, "This is precisely how he is reacting to information that he has, not leaks by the district attorney's office, as he would want to claim. "I can assure you that there are no leaks coming from the district attorney's office. All of this is coming from the Trump team.

Trump declares that he will be detained on Tuesday and urges followers to "resist, take our nation back"!

Carroll and Trump concur to consolidate defamation cases into a single case.
Trump's appeals for a demonstration, he added, are probably motivated by the hope that they will help his 2024 campaign.

Cohen stated, "These clowns who are representing him, this clown show of lawyers, what they believe is that this will catapult Trump into the White House by having another violent revolt.

But more significantly, he added, "it's all about the huge grift for Donald. He'll try to make money off of this by asking for donations to defend him, your beloved president, against the racist Alvin Bragg and, you know, left-wingers.

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