Prominent Republican Asks Donald Trump To Step Aside After Indictment

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/01/2023
After learning that a grand jury had decided to arrest him, former Republican governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson on Friday urged former president Donald Trump to drop out of the 2024 presidential race.

A prosecution concerning a hush money payment made to Stormy Daniels by Trump's then-personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, in 2016 has being prosecuted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The case has been mocked by legal experts as being politically motivated and without merit.

Hutchinson disagreed, saying that Trump should respect the president by refraining from running while under investigation.

"When a public figure is accused of a crime, I believe they should resign since their position takes precedence over them personally. This should adhere to that criteria, "He was referring to Trump, The Hill said. "That is a diverter. It is not a good day for America, but the system must function and we must have faith that it will."

Hutchinson did acknowledge that if he had been in Bragg's shoes, he "would not have launched" the case, and he cautioned that the charges needed to be "extremely substantive" to prevent the appearance of a political prosecution.

The governor of Arkansas is apparently mulling a presidential run of his own, pitting him against Trump and a sizable field of rivals.

All of Trump's declared rivals for the GOP candidacy, in contrast to Hutchinson, backed the former leader and dubbed the district attorney's case a political gimmick.

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