Many Are Starting To Realize Fox News Has Implemented A Soft Ban On Donald Trump; More Time To DeSantis

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/04/2023

According to Donald Trump’s campaign, Fox News has “soft blacklisted” him because the Murdoch family wants to “move on” from the past president. The soft ban was originally mentioned in Semafor, which used four people from Mr. Trump’s “close circle” who spoke on the record under the condition of anonymity. Everyone is aware of the bans, according to one of the insiders, and they “indicate how the Murdochs feel about Trump this specific time.”

The last time Mr. Trump appeared on Fox News was in November, when he formally declared his candidacy. The former president reportedly told Sean Hannity during his last weekday appearance on the network in September that he could declassify records simply “by thinking about it.” Fox News hasn’t featured Mr. Trump since last year, but it has given his potential competitors a forum.

The Semafor research discovered that Nikki Haley had appeared on the network seven times since declaring her candidacy for president, according to statistics from Media Matters. The network has featured the little-known Vivek Ramaswamy four times, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a regular for weeks.

In order to “provide more fair coverage, or fair airtime,” according to a Trump advisor, the network has been working harder.

“I don’t think they’re attempting to change their strategy, but they are trying to placate and quiet some of that criticism,” the speaker said.

One of the staff members who spoke with the publication claimed to have learned the former president had been “soft blacklisted” straight from Fox News. Mr. Trump is apparently attempting to book engagements on the network in the upcoming weeks despite the purported prohibition.

The Murdochs have made it very obvious that they want to move past Trump, so it is understood that Fox will not be having Trump on for an interview. By not airing him, Fox is demonstrating that, one of the GOP sources informed the news source.

There may be some indication that such a restriction is reasonable; among the documents released in the Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox News defamation case were Rupert Murdoch’s orders to “make Trump a non-person” in the wake of the Congressional riot.

Predictably, Mr. Trump was incensed by this information and hurried to his Truth Social page to post a statement labeling Mr. Murdoch a RINO and urging him to leave the “News Industry.”

“If Rupert Murdoch honestly believes that the 2020 Presidential Election was not rigged and stolen, despite MASSIVE amounts of evidence to the contrary, then he & his group of MAGA Hating Globalist RINOS should get out of the news business as soon as possible, because they are using FAKE NEWS to aid & abet the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA,” Mr. Trump wrote.

On Thursday, he proceeded to criticize Murdoch, stating he should “apologize to his viewers and readers for his foolish support of the 2020 Presidential Election,” before going over his standard election-related lies once more.

How many different types of rigging and cheating does he need to witness? He should also terminate the anchors who made mistakes or were frightened to speak up (which there were many of! ), and he should provide an apology to the ones who got it right. He wrote, “It’s time to get rid of Fake News and call it for what it is.





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