Teacher Disciplines Talkative Students With Tape Over Their Mouths

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  • 03/25/2023
Brady Webster, 11, allegedly had his lips taped shut because the instructor in North Carolina thought he was talking too much. Brady then apparently took a selfie and sent it to his furious mother, Catherine Webster, who then called Dawn Felix to express her indignation.

After seeing the photo of her son's mouth covered in numerous pieces of thick blue painter's tape, the mother is speaking out. The boy's mother told WRAL-TV that the punishment episode made him feel ashamed.

Catherine Webster received the picture in February from her son's sixth-grade class at Smithfield Middle School. Because the boy was allegedly excessively talkative in class, his mouth was taped.

The boy's text message to his mother simply stated, "I don't know what to do."

"What is that, I questioned? Who did that?" asked the mother. And he didn't answer.

Webster acknowledged that her kid may be chatty, a chatterbox, and the class clown, but she is upset with Felix's handling of his conduct. The mother felt that this crossed a lot of red lines even though she believed in discipline when it is necessary.

The mother told Fox News Digital that her kid was "had to sit through the entire period like that" after having his mouth taped at the start of class. Two of his classmates, according to her, also had their mouths taped that day, she claimed.

Webster said of the claimed disciplinary action that had been applied to her son a few times earlier, "That had been going on for a while before this day." "I was unaware that he was a problem for his teacher because she never once phoned me to address his behavior."

When the mother viewed the photo, she was inconsolable and informed Principal LaShunda Faison that the teacher allegedly would also tape pupils' wrists together. An investigation was started right away.

Webster stated that "I showed the picture to [the] principle [and] she took us into her office."

According to WRAL-TV, the teacher quit on February 17, just a few days after the photo was shot. On August 17, 2022, she started working at the school.

"Johnston County Public Schools takes seriously all claims of staff wrongdoing. Although we are unable to share the specifics of a staff misconduct inquiry, we can state that whenever such complaints are made, our administration acts quickly to investigate them and, in certain cases, remove staff from classrooms while a thorough investigation is ongoing. The school system stated in a statement that administrators are always available and willing to engage with any and all parents who may have concerns about any situation that arises.

Investigation by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office revealed a number of additional claims made against the teacher. According to WRAL-TV, the police and district attorney decided that an assault charge was not appropriate.

According to Fox News Digital, the mother is pleased with the inquiry and the manner the administration "moved swiftly" to make sure the instructor was not in the classroom the following day. But, she is now requesting "accountability" in order to ensure that this doesn't occur again in the future. Webster wants to stop the teacher from simply relocating to another area where she could commit the same crime again.

Webster said, "Just because Brady wasn't wounded, doesn't make this any less significant."

According to the Daily Mail, Felix is supposedly an international teacher, although it's not clear where she is from. She apparently lost her visa, making it impossible for her to continue to legally work in the US.

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