TikTok Users Ridicule Lawmakers After Hearing; 'Embarassing Corpses, Too Old, Out Of Touch'

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/24/2023
After the CEO of the popular social media app's appearance before Congress on Thursday, TikTok users turned to the app to poke fun at the politicians who, in the eyes of some users, came across as "embarrassing" "corpses" who were too elderly and "out-of-touch" to understand how technology works. 

Richard Hudson, a Republican from North Carolina, asked Shou Zi Chew, "does TikTok access the house WiFi network?" This was one of the more widely ridiculed inquiries. Chew, clearly bewildered, said, "If the user activates WiFi, of course. I'm not sure I follow the question." Nevertheless, Hudson persisted, "Does TikTok access my home WiFi network if I have the app installed on my phone and my phone is connected to my home WiFi network?" Chew, still bewildered, replied, "It would have to... access the network to acquire connections to the internet, if that's the question."


Many social media users speculated that Hudson may not understand how to get online, as his question was deemed "inherently strange" by Mashable. "Most apps... require network access to be used," notes Insider.

Is it possible, then, that it could access additional devices on that home WiFi network? Is it possible, then, that it could access additional devices on that home WiFi network? Moreover, some Redditors pointed out that Hudson may have been leading up to a perfectly reasonable query "The first query, by itself, is laughable. Nevertheless, in order to establish the second, critically important inquiry, "created one in writing. Others concurred: "It's a valid issue to know if TikTok app has the capacity to access other devices on the WiFi such as Ring, Echo, laptops, PCs, smartphones etc.," says another sample answer.

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA), a member of Mashable's list of the hearing's wackiest moments, seemed to be persuaded that TikTok was gathering biometric data from users, notably the way their pupils dilate while watching a video (an idea Mashable called "inherently silly"). 

The New Republic also compiled a similar list, which included Texas Representative Randy Weber ("TikTok is indoctrinating our children with divisive, woke, and pro-CCP propaganda.") and Florida Representative Kat Cammack, who questioned why a TikTok video threatening the House committee holding the hearing hadn't been banned. The account in question was probably banned within minutes of Cammack sharing it during the hearing because it had very little participation (just one remark) before that.

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