Trump Returns To Iowa To Kickoff Campaign 2024

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 03/14/2023
In his first Iowa campaign visit for the 2024 presidential election on Monday, former Republican President Donald Trump began shadowboxing with potential competitor Ron DeSantis, throwing blows at the Florida governor who has not yet declared a run.

He struggled mightily with ethanol and was quite awful at it. In addition, he opposed Social Security," Trump added, referring to DeSantis as "Ron DeSanctus."

After appearing to pause, Trump leaned in and said, "Maybe I shouldn't disclose this bit. But we must do it!

A number of Republicans in attendance at DeSantis' appearances in Davenport and Des Moines this week said they had previously supported Trump but were now interested in someone who could lead the party in a different direction. This was the candidate's first trip to Iowa.

He didn't talk much about the former president; instead, he spoke about his plans for Florida.

DeSantis has previously backed the repeal of the Renewable Fuel Standard, which establishes the annual volume of biofuels that must be incorporated into the nation's gasoline supply and is a crucial supporter of the ethanol sector in Iowa.

Also, he had previously supported Paul Ryan's plan from 2012, which called for modifications to Medicare and Social Security. DeSantis stated to Fox News, "We're not going to meddle with Social Security as Republicans," more recently.

In response to cheers, Trump added on Monday, "I will not be reducing Medicare, and I will not be cutting Social Security.

At the Adler Theater in downtown Davenport, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds introduced the former president and sat in the front row to hear his speak. She claimed that Trump never abandoned middle America. In essence, she stated, "He delivered for Iowa.

A number of Republicans who had earlier on Monday expressed support for the former president joined Trump on stage. These included Republican state representative Bobby Kaufmann from Wilton, a top adviser to Trump's Iowa campaign, and former acting US attorney general Matt Whitaker, former US representative for the 1st District, among others.

On Monday, ten additional eastern Iowa lawmakers endorsed the former president.

As Trump entered the stage, a sizable, raucous crowd greeted him with cheers, chants, and songs. Even more people who were turned away waited outside in the chilly weather to take pictures of Trump's motorcade as it approached the theater.

Some spectators enjoyed Trump's criticism of DeSantis. The loudest cheers, however, were heard when the former president attacked several of Democratic President Joseph Biden's initiatives and pledged to implement more conservative ones, like outlawing vaccine mandates, restricting transgender sports, and defending parental rights in education.

At one point, Trump astonished at the huge reception he received for talking about education challenges. I essentially shouted, "Parents you have rights," and the crowd went wild, he recalled. "Because this crap has driven our nation insane."

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