Ukraine Foreign Ministry Wants UN To Step In After Russia's Latest Belarus News

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  • 03/26/2023
The plans by Russian President Vladimir Putin to post tactical atomic weapons in Belarus prompted the Ukrainian government to request an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council on Sunday. The UN should intervene, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry urged.

The UK, China, the US, and France "have a specific duty" in regards to nuclear aggression, the statement said, adding that Ukraine "expects effective action to confront the Kremlin's nuclear blackmail." According to the AP, the declaration declared that "the globe must be united against someone who threatens the destiny of human civilisation."

An explosion that occurred deep within Russia on Sunday left three people injured, further escalating tensions. The explosion, which destroyed residential buildings in a village 110 miles south of Moscow, was attributed by Russian police to a Ukrainian drone. The explosion, which according to media accounts caused a crater around 50 feet in diameter and 16 feet deep, has not received any comments from Ukraine. The drone was a Ukrainian Tu-141, according to reports from the government-run Tass news service in Russia.

The drone, which is from the Soviet era and has a range of around 620 miles, was reintroduced in Ukraine in 2014. Just 180 miles from the Ukrainian border, in the Tula region, near the village of Kireyevsk, there was an explosion. While such drone assaults have occurred frequently throughout the conflict, Ukraine has rarely accepted responsibility.

The West's escalating military support for Ukraine, according to Moscow, is the reason behind the decision to place tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. In a television interview that aired on Saturday, Putin revealed the strategy. The US declared that it would "watch the ramifications" of Putin's declaration. According to National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson, there haven't been "any signals Russia is ready to use a nuclear bomb" up to this point.

German news agency dpa reported late Saturday that the foreign ministry in Germany referred to Russia's plot as "yet another attempt at nuclear intimidation." According to the ministry, "President Putin's comparison of NATO's nuclear participation to the move made by Russia is false and cannot be used to support the step."

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