Jim Jordan Likes The 2024 GOP Field But His Unwavering Support Is For Donald Trump

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/15/2023
Rep. Jim Jordan (R–Ohio), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, declared in an interview that he fully supports former president Donald Trump for reelection in 2024. 

"No one has proven that they will carry through on their promises and accomplish goals the way he did, and he did it with everyone in that community working against him. And that's why I still admire President Trump, and I wholeheartedly support him, Jordan said in a Fox News Digital interview.

In the interview, Jordan made it obvious that he supports all of the other probable Republican presidential contenders, including former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Vice President Pence and I just spoke. awesome man Good man Governor DeSantis. There were nine of us when the Freedom Caucus was established. One of the nine was him. However, I fully support President Trump, he declared.

Prior to the former president Trump's speech at the annual National Rifle Association conference, Jordan talked with Fox News Digital. Additionally, he emphasized how strongly he backed the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment sits close to the First Amendment for a reason, I constantly tell people. Because the left eventually wants to get rid of it, we need to realize how crucial it is and stop letting them keep making inroads. 

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