27-Year-Old Woman Ran Over Two Housing Complex Maintenance Men -Allegedly On Purpose!

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  • 04/01/2023
More and more serious charges have been brought against a Lincoln woman accused of killing two men on Monday. Taylor Bradley may spend the rest of her life in prison, 48 hours after it was alleged that she drove two men over with her automobile. The 27-year-old created a scene during her arraignment on Wednesday afternoon by disputing the accusations and yelling insults at the court during a video conference from behind bars.

Bradley, who was originally charged with two counts of second-degree murder, is now accused of two counts of first-degree murder as well as three counts of using a deadly weapon to conduct a crime.

She is charged with attempted first-degree murder after allegedly attempting to hit a third person at The Lodge Apartments on Monday afternoon with her automobile, according to court filings.

She was given a bond of 10% of $2 million by the judge.

According to court filings, Ronald Gonzalez, 45, and Chris Karmazin, 42, both maintenance workers, were struck by Bradley's car while she was driving close to the apartment complex clubhouse. She hit them both "seconds apart," according to an interview conducted after the event.

According to the records, Bradley gave the officers details of the hit guys that corresponded to the bodies they discovered at the scene.

Police said in their arrest affidavit that after receiving a complaint that two males had been ran over, they arrived at the apartment complex and found Bradley behind the wheel of a heavily damaged vehicle. She was promptly taken into custody by them.

Authorities think Bradley's alleged activities were done with "purpose," Lincoln Police Chief Teresa Ewins stated during a press conference, calling the case "complicated." Because the place where the males were driven over was 20–30 yards from any road or driveway intended for driving, an officer stated in the affidavit that they got to that conclusion.

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