Canadian Student Files Human Rights Lawsuit After Being Suspended For Not Recognizing Transgenders

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/16/2023
A human rights lawsuit alleging religious discrimination has been launched on behalf of a Canadian student who was expelled from his Catholic high school for rejecting transgender ideology.

Josh Alexander, a 17-year-old student at St. Joseph's High School in Renfrew, Ontario, who was first suspended and given a trespass notice in November, was represented by lawyer James Kitchen of Liberty Coalition Canada when he submitted the application to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal earlier this month.

According to the lawsuit, Alexander angered school administration when he planned a student walkout at the public Catholic high school in protest of biological males using the women's restrooms. He apparently also made the case in class that God fixed the genders at two.

Students reportedly erupted during a math lesson when Alexander defended the school's restroom policy, according to the lawsuit. In response to his assertion that males have penises and women have vaginas, Josh's classmates allegedly called him a "misogynist," "racist," and a "homophobic transphobe," and the instructor allegedly "nodded and gestured at the students yelling at Josh, indicating his approval of the students' name-calling."

According to the lawsuit, Alexander was finally suspended and informed that his continued attendance would be harmful to the physical and emotional health of transgender kids. Although the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board "excluded" him for the remainder of the academic year after his suspension was formally lifted in January, it has still persisted in practice.

According to the lawsuit, Principal Derek Lennox would only permit the adolescent to return to school if he stopped using the "dead names," or given names, of transgender pupils and refrained from enrolling in classes with two transgender students. On February 6, he made an effort to go back to school and was stopped by police for allegedly breaking the exclusion order.

According to a letter written to Kitchen in January, the school board has denied to hear Alexander's appeal about the suspension, contending that he has not resigned from parental responsibility despite being given sworn proof to the contrary.

Kitchen further requested that the school board consider his client's appeal in a case before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Josh's expulsion from school for expressing his Christian views on gender and sexuality, according to Liberty Coalition Canada, is illegal religious discrimination, the organization stated in a statement made available to Fox News Digital. "The application describes the shockingly discriminatory behavior of teachers and students at St. Joseph's, as well as Principal Lennox's retaliatory decisions to suspend and expel Josh for expressing his beliefs and organizing a student walk-out to protest St. Joseph's policy of allowing biological males to enter and use the girls' restrooms," says the application.

The group said, "Josh is seeking from the HRTO, among other things, a determination that the School Board discriminated against him on the basis of his Christian beliefs. Fox News Digital contacted the school for comment, but they didn't answer right away.

Alexander claims to be a Christian and has opposed transgender ism because of his faith, according to the lawsuit.

In the complaint, it was said that Josh "believes he is called by the Lord Jesus Christ to proclaim the truth, which includes telling those around him about the Lord's design for gender and to openly oppose the School Board's policy of permitting males to enter the girls' restrooms." Josh feels that if he neglected the Lord's calling on his life and stayed silent, he would be breaking the law.

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