Conservative Commentator Ex-Wife's Family Responds To His Online Statements With Recording Of Abusive Behavior

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  • 04/28/2023
After conservative journalist Steven Crowder announced the couple's separation on Wednesday, Hilary Crowder's family spoke out about the pending divorce.

After journalist Yashar Ali obtained security footage of the couple fighting in June 2021 while Hilary was almost eight months pregnant with their twins, Hilary Crowder's family issued a statement regarding the divorce.

The reality is that Hilary tried to maintain their marriage by concealing Steven's verbal and emotional abuse from her loved ones for years. According to the family, she was the one who requested that they focus on their connection in order to save their marriage for the sake of their unborn children.

The family believes Steven Crowder left Hilary shortly after the birth of their twins and did not show up for the delivery. The right-wing broadcaster reportedly subsequently hired a divorce lawyer and cut Hilary off financially, which led to Hilary filing for divorce in December 2021, according to Ali. The twins were born in August 2021, and the pair wed in 2012 after dating for two years.

The family of Hilary made a plea to Crowder to "cease speaking publicly about these personal matters in an untruthful manner."

The family stated, "We also anticipate complete transparency in the legal procedure to ensure fairness and accountability for the actions that led to the divorce and to ensure the outcome is what is in the best interests of the young children."

Even though Hilary's lawyers asked him not to, the "Louder With Crowder" presenter revealed the couple's divorce on his program on Wednesday, according to Ali.

Since 2021, I have been going through a divorce that has been progressively traumatic. I have been living with the metaphorical boot on my neck for a long time. And no, I did not choose this, he remarked on the program. "My former wife made the decision that she no longer wanted to be married. And it is entirely legal in the state of Texas. She only wanted to go, which is how the law states things should be. Nobody else is to blame except myself for my poor choice. And my kids are not at all to blame for it.

According to reports, Ali spoke to a variety of people and examined audio recordings, phone messages, and private films of the Crowder marriage.

Crowder can be seen enjoying a smoke on a sofa as his expectant wife stands on their terrace in the three-minute footage Ali posted. He warns her against using their vehicle and accuses her of neglecting 'wifely chores' like food shopping. Crowder demands she not drive the vehicle and advises her to use an Uber instead while the argument rages on. He then informs her that without it, he is unable to leave the home to see his parents, go to the gym, or meet his friends.

Crowder tells Hilary as she starts to cry, "The only way out of it is discipline and respect." After that, the couple continues to argue about how their marriage has come to a standstill. "Steven, no, we've reached a deadlock. Ok! I cherish you. However, she continues, "Steven, Steven, your abuse is horrible.

Observe it. Fuck watch it," replies Crowder. Later, Hilary assures Crowder that she still loves him.

"I don't love you, that's the big problem," he replies. "I've never experienced your love."

Crowder follows her at the conclusion of the video and orders her to walk the dogs and put on some gloves so she can give the dogs their medication. Ali said that Hilary was afraid the medication would be harmful to expectant mothers. According to Ali, as the video stops, Crowder reportedly said "I will fuck you up!" and Hilary briefly left their house. Ali stated that while Crowder quickly recoiled after realizing what he had said, Hilary still made the decision to depart.

According to reports, Crowder struggled to manage his rage and sought counselling. Ali's assessment of Crowder's texts reveals that, after extended stretches of claimed abuse, he is now confessing his mistakes.

Hilary and Steven reportedly spoke about splitting up in text messages the night before the birth of the couple's twins. I'm terrified of you and your wrath, Steven. You frighten me. You frighten me. I want to make things better, but you have to own up to your mistakes. Quit placing blame on other people. Ali claims Hilary wrote, "Stop experiencing sorrow and despair exclusively for yourself.

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