Dershowitz On Trump Arraignment, Charges: "Where's The Victim Here?" "They Injured Who?

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  • 04/04/2023
The unsealed indictment, according to Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, failed to specify any crime that former President Donald Trump was charged with committing.

Dershowitz noted that although Bragg only mentioned a few of them during his press conference, they were all connected to Stormy Daniels and various types of personal, sexual, and other payoffs. "That's simply not illegal. Just put, it's not a crime." Dershowitz said.
He further argued that the indictment was a dangerous form of politicized justice and could open up the door to "lawfare," a tactic he described as using the criminal justice system for political gain. He accused some Democrats of wanting to use this type of lawfare to target political enemies, including President Trump. 


Following Trump's arraignment on Tuesday, Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg held a press conference where he explained why he was continuing the long-running attempt to forward the case against Trump.

In relation to his alleged involvement in the payments of hush money to two women, Trump on Tuesday entered a not guilty plea to 34 counts of falsifying business records and conspiracy. The first ex-president to ever be charged with a crime, he is anticipated to be released on his own recognizance.

Dershowitz also observed that the victim in this situation doesn't appear to exist.

He questioned, "Where's the victim here?" "They injured who? The real victim isn't Stormy Daniels. Here, who is the victim? Do you ever dedicate so much effort—a lawyer's time—to a crime with no victims?"

He continued by saying that, contrary to what is being done in the case against Trump, Bragg has a history of lessening the seriousness of victim offenses.

Bragg frequently downgrades crimes involving victims from felonies to misdemeanors, and now, according to Dershowitz, he is attempting to upgrade crimes involving no victims from a non-misdemeanor to a misdemeanor and eventually to a felony.

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