DeSantis NH Speech: We Don't Have Leaks, We Don't Have Drama; Then This Happened!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/15/2023
On Friday night, two protesters barged onto the platform where Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire. DeSantis has been making speeches throughout several states, and many anticipate him to announce his bid for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

At the GOP's Amos Tuck fundraiser dinner, where the governor gave a speech, a record-breaking $382,000 was raised. VIP permits sold for $500 while regular tickets were $150. DeSantis began his address by saying, "If you looked at governor races, president races, 2010, 12, 14, 16, 18-," before the protesters cut him off.

Yeah, thank you, he replied, turning to face the trolls off-stage. The two ladies were led from the stage. They all yelled, "Jews against DeSantis!" simultaneously.

The governor addressed the audience, "You gotta have a little spice in the speech, right?" You have to have a little fun, after all. I don't see why you would want to pay the entrance fee for that alone. However, various people will respond differently.

DeSantis started speaking again.

Despite the fact that the governor appears to be the choice of many Republican Party establishment officials, recent polling indicates that Trump still has a strong hold on the party's core supporters. According to a recent Fox News poll, Trump has a 54% to 24% advantage against DeSantis in the currently speculative race.

The previous president has frequently criticized the governor due to the governor being Trump's closest challenger.

Late on Thursday night, DeSantis made headlines when, in a press-free ceremony, he signed a six-week abortion ban into Florida law. He gave a speech earlier that day at the fundamentalist Liberty University, but he refrained from promoting the new law in front of the mainly anti-abortion audience there.

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