Mark Simone Gives Scathing Analysis Of Ron DeSantis: He Is Incapable Of Debating Or Negotiating

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  • 04/20/2023
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received a reprimand from Larry Kudlow and two other guests for his persistent criticism of the Walt Disney Company. DeSantis singled out the Florida-based company after Disney officials blasted the governor for supporting the state's infamous "Don't Say Gay" law, which was passed last year. DeSantis has responded by engaging in an ongoing legal and rhetorical conflict with the biggest employer in central Florida.

On Wednesday, Kudlow questioned the governor's obsession with the business in an interview with Fox Business. "I just want to point out that Governor DeSantis is on the verge of embarrassing himself with his Walt Disney fetish. There have been months and months and months of this. And I'd say that it is unbecoming in the first place. If not the greatest firm, but certainly one of the biggest should not be subject to a governor's wrath," added Kudlow.


DeSantis, who is thought to be contemplating a challenge to Donald Trump for the Republican nominee in 2024, won't be campaigning against the business, according to Kudlow. He said, "Desantis need to strike a bargain and cease right now. He is not challenging Walt Disney for the presidency.

Then, radio presenter Mark Simone gave a scathing evaluation of DeSantis as a contender. He has no campaigning abilities, as we've been saying, Simone stated. He is incapable of debating or negotiating. Disney and Donald Trump would be negotiating this in a room together. DeSantis' issue was that Disney was vulnerable to criticism. There was that clueless CEO. But now he's gone. [Bob] Here is Iger. Desantis is also no match for Iger, who always moves ten steps ahead of DeSantis.

He just shouldn't act in this manner, Kudlow said. "One other thing: Governors shouldn't criticize companies. It sets a horrible example, in my opinion. The reason could be justified. No more than everyone else, I dislike woke. But it's bad for a state governor because it implies that maybe in the role of president, he would be hostile to business. And liberals act in that manner, not conservatism.

Joe Concha, a Fox News contributor, concurred. He said, "Many conservative writers have criticized DeSantis on this for the same argument you stated. "At this point, it appears to be anti-capitalism." In Concha's opinion, "He goes too far."

Kudlow said, "Whatever the result, it doesn't seem very good. Simone then compared DeSantis to John Kasich, a former governor of Ohio who ran for president in 2016 but came up short in the race for the Republican nomination.

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