Florida's Rising Star Congressman Byron Donalds Endorses Donald Trump For 2024 GOP Nomination

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/07/2023
On Thursday, Republican Representative Byron Donalds of Florida endorsed former President Donald Trump for the presidency in 2024, claiming that Trump is the only one capable of putting the country back on track at this point.

In a statement, Donalds stated that only one person could "seize this moment in our nation's history and deliver what we need to get us back on track, provide strength and resolve."

He continued, "It is an honor for me to support President Donald J. Trump. Despite rumors that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may enter the race and serve as Trump's top GOP primary rival, Donalds is now the third Republican from Florida to support Trump. Representatives Matt Gaetz and Anna Paulina Luna have already come out in support of Trump's 2024 quest for the presidency.

Because voters will determine the future course of our country, the 2024 presidential election is particularly significant. Voters must choose the commander in chief who is best suited to guide our nation and stand in the breach, putting themselves on the line, and willing to sacrifice all to rescue our Republic. This choice will be essential to the election. Elections aren't all that 2024 is about. Both the history of our country and the entire planet are at a turning point right now, he declared.

Look around you now. It's a mess in our economy. Our families are struggling to make ends meet due to inflation. Our borders are now utterly unsecure. Our legal system has evolved into one that is unfair. Foreign leaders put us to the test and are bringing up the third world war. Simply said, far too many Americans have lost hope and even faith.

I steadfastly reject this as our future. America is the best country that man has ever known. Leaders have stepped forward and grabbed the moment during the most difficult times in our history. Not just anyone, but genuinely transformative individuals who have the will and fortitude to rise above the chaos and motivate a generation of Americans to follow their example despite what may seem like insurmountable challenges.

"At this point in the history of our country, there is only one leader who can take the opportunity, supply what is required of him or her, get us back on track, give us courage and resolve, and Make America Great Again. Because of this, I'm proud to support President Donald J. Trump for president in 2024, and I'm asking my fellow Americans to do the same today.

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