Former Employees Of Kanye West's Private Christian School Sue The Rapper Over Improper Management

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/16/2023
Rapper Kanye West is in hot water once more after a new complaint claimed that Donda Academy, his private Christian school, was improperly managed.

West established the California-based institution in 2022. Families who formerly enrolled their kids claim they were made to sign NDAs and shell out up to $15,000 in tuition.

The Daily Beast reports that a complaint brought by two former workers, who also happened to be mother and daughter, claims that West dismissed staff members based on race, only gave children sushi for lunch, and prohibited all literature about Black history.

One of the plaintiffs, Cecilia Hailey, described the less-than-academic environment at the school, pointing out that seats were prohibited on campus and that pupils consumed raw sushi every single day for lunch. The complaint also names Hailey's daughter, Chekarey Byers.

"You had little toddlers eating cucumber rolls and raw sushi every day. Many of the kids didn't enjoy it, and that was all they had, added Hailey, who also mentioned that bringing in outside food and beverages was not allowed.

West also mandated that students only use their hands to eat because he "didn't want children using forks or utensils."

In addition, according to Hailey, there was no on-site housekeeper or nurse, and teaching of Black history textbooks, such as The Lost Boys of the Sudan, was prohibited. Hailey joined Donda Academy in November and has worked as a teacher and a school administrator for more than 25 years, according to Page Six.

According to Hailey, the school "had 10 principals in three years" and that many teachers and administrators departed Donda Academy because of discipline problems and organizational problems. There are still about 35 to 40 pupils registered in the school, which Hailey refers to as a "luxury daycare." Due to discrimination, unfair firing, and withholding salaries, both women are suing.

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