Grassley Blasts FBI And DOJ For Covering Up Biden Family ‘Potential Criminal Conduct’

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/26/2023
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) allegedly has evidence of possible criminal activity by members of the Biden family, according to Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa.

In his remarks on Tuesday's Senate floor, Senator Grassley said that the FBI had concealed this material by erroneously classifying it as Russian misinformation.

Senator Grassley said, "I know the FBI improperly categorized that material as Russian misinformation to bury it. The FBI and the Biden Justice Department haven't disputed the veracity of these claims as of yet. They cannot since the claims are supported by documents that my team has independently verified.


Senator Grassley alleged selective prosecution in his criticism of the Biden Justice Department's treatment of pro-life activists. He mentioned the incident of Mark Houck, who was reportedly detained under duress by the FBI after an altercation at an abortion clinic, despite the fact that the local police had decided not to file charges.

Senator Grassley said, "Let's genuinely commemorate the heroes in law enforcement and the everyday sacrifices they make for the American people by delivering more than a tone-deaf political resolution that further divides the nation.

Democrat colleagues, according to Senator Grassley, have used the FBI as a political weapon against him and his probe into the Biden family. He referred to a letter addressed to the FBI in July 2020 by Minority Leader Schumer, Senator Warner, Speaker Pelosi, and Chairman Schiff, which was intended to malignly link the Grassley-Johnson Biden family probe to Russian misinformation.

The American people formerly had faith in federal law enforcement, but as Senator Grassley said, "the facts show that it's been our Democratic colleagues who have consistently used federal law enforcement to further their political ends."

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