Injured NC Woman Volleyball Player Begs State Legislatures To Stop Biological Males From Playing Women's Sports

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/21/2023
According to a video of the athlete's statement, a high school volleyball player from North Carolina requested the state legislature on Wednesday to approve a law prohibiting males from participating in women's sports after she sustained many injuries in a game in September.

Payton McNabb, a senior from Hiwassee Dam High School, gave a speech during a legislative hearing in North Carolina on Wednesday, according to WLOS. She claimed that as a result of a transgender athlete allegedly hitting a volleyball into her face, she continues to have poor vision, partial paralysis on the right side of her body, constant migraines, anxiety, and sadness.

At the hearing, McNabb said, "My life has been irrevocably altered as a result of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association regulation permitting biological men to compete against biological females.


She told the state assembly, "I was unable to play the remaining games of my previous volleyball season, and even though I'm presently playing softball, I'm not able to perform as well as I know I have in the past because of the injury. 

McNabb said, "I'm not here for myself because I know that my playing days are numbered. "I'm here for every biological female athlete who came before me, including my teammates, cousins, and little sister."

In her argument that it is risky for biological females to compete against biological guys, McNabb said that if legislation is not passed, she won't be the last female athlete to suffer an injury at the hands of a man. According to WLOS, the student athlete was referring to the Fairness in Women's Sports Act of North Carolina.

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