Trump Responds To France's Macron Call For Independence From U.S.; He's Kissing Jinping's Ass

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/11/2023
According to Donald Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron has been in China meeting with Xi Jinping and "kissing his ass." The former US president spoke with Fox News host Tucker Carlson during his first appearance on national television following his New York indictment.

The Republican Party's presumed nominee for president claimed in a rambling interview that the United States has lost power in the world since he left office.

He said to Carlson, "You got this crazy world, it's blowing up, and the United States has absolutely no say." And my pal Macron, who is over with China, is kissing his ass. Alright, in China! France is now traveling to China, I declared.

Following a state visit to China last week, Macron stirred up controversy by admonishing Europeans not to become too dependent on US foreign policy.

In comments to journalists, Macron emphasized that European nations should avoid becoming embroiled in the ongoing standoff between Beijing and Washington over Taiwan.

While the US administration promises to aid Taiwan in defending itself, China has promised to retake control of Taiwan.

After speaking with Xi on Friday on Taiwan, Macron issued a warning against Europe becoming "caught up in crises that are not ours, which prevents it from constructing its strategic autonomy."

The contradiction, according to Macron, is that we think we are merely America's followers because we are so terrified. The worst scenario would be for us Europeans to believe that we must adopt a passive role in this matter and follow the US agenda and China's reactions.

The White House made an effort to downplay the remarks, claiming that the Biden administration is still "comfortable and confident in the terrific bilateral relationship we have with France," despite the fact that the words caused concern in Washington.

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