Trump Proposes New Mandatory Civil Service Test For All Federal Employees

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 04/14/2023
On Friday, former president Donald Trump pledged to limit the power of unelected federal bureaucrats and to bolster regulatory agency supervision to keep them from functioning as a "fourth branch of government."

In his Agenda47 video series, in which he has started to specifically explain his plans on several problems, Trump made the comments.

As I try to swiftly avert Joe Biden's "economic disaster" for America, he said, "I will reinstate my renowned successful executive order requiring that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated and I will ask Congress to make it permanent."

The costs of regulations to the American economy will once more be subject to a strict ceiling, he continued. "We will set aggressive cost reduction targets for each federal department and work toward them every year, rather than expanding the size and reach of the federal government."

In order to avoid so-called "stealth regulations and threats," he also suggested that a federal database be established in which all agencies must put their regulatory recommendations in plain sight. Additionally, Trump suggested that federal employees be prohibited from acting only on the basis of unofficial advice.

"I will reinstate presidential control over the independent regulatory agencies as required by the Constitution. These organizations don't get to operate as a separate fourth body of government that makes laws and decrees on its own, he added.

Trump then went back to his notion of creating "freedom cities," and he promised to establish rules for their development and management.

"I'm going to make it mandatory for every federal worker to complete a new civil service exam that demonstrates a grasp of our limited, constitutional form of government. This will include the safeguards provided by the Fourth Amendment against arbitrary search and seizure, due process rights, equal protection, free speech, religious liberty, federalism, and any other constitutional restraints on government power. He promised to "put unelected federal bureaucrats back in the place."

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